I was surprised to find an Avocado juice stall on the ground floor of Centre Point Mall in Medan City, North Sumatra. When I was visiting Medan few months ago, and I was going to the mall to have lunch. I was enjoying delicious cuisines at Nelayan Restaurant.

When I was going down to the ground floor, I saw Avocado Lovers. It’s so wonderful, there is a stall that sell many variants of Avocado Juice for takeaway. Since, you know, I love avocado so much.

I got closer to the stall, and I saw on its menu list. The Avocado Lover provide Many kinds of Avocado juices, such as Avocado original, Avocado Durian, Avocado Coconut, Avocado Longan, and so on. They looked so delicious.

I decided to order one cup of Avocado Lovers. I thought it was the best one.

Frankly, I was curious about Avocado Coffee. But, I just ordered Avocado Lovers for this try.

I was watching how the guy making the Avocado Lovers. He looked so professional in preparing the juice. He was good at making my Avocado Lovers.

He put ice cream made of Avocado as the topping. It’s a good way to maintain the taste of Avocado. And the color of ice cream is also avocado-green color that fit to the juice itself.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, my Avocado Lovers was ready. It looked so good and delicious. I tried it once I handed it. That was very true, its taste was so wonderful. I confess I was addicted to the Avocado Lovers.

If you like any product of Avocado juice, just visit Avocado Lovers stall on ground floor of Centre Point Mall, Medan, North Sumatra province of Indonesia.

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