Other names for this "Train Night Market" are Old Rot Fai, and Srinakarin Road Night Market and pretty much any combination of those words (and small spelling changes like Talat or Rot). Why does this matter? Well because the "New" Rot Fai Train Market is located at Ratchadal. I'll post about the Ratchada one shortly but I have to say, I like this one a lot better!

Once we got to the market, I understood why my daughter wanted me to check this place out. It's full of vintage / used stuff. I found it absolutely amazing because I love looking at old/history stuff and I collect certain things (currently I'm looking for a Scottie Pippen Dream Team jersey and a Richard Brodeur 'V' Jersey, at affordable prices lol). Anyways, I was quite impressed as I found quite a lot of pro sports jerseys (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB). There are big shops with a lot of really old things in them. Walking through some of them made me feel like a "picker," you know from the TV show, "American Pickers," haha.

Vintage vehicles are cool too. These are spread out all over the place, I'm not even sure I saw them all as, I got turned around (ie lost) a few times. Although not too crowded, it was lively and comfortable to walk around, shop and eat.

Aside from the antiques, the other unique thing I found in this night market are the pet stalls. These aren't the SPCA baby animals on display asking for donations booths, but stalls actually selling kittens, puppies, bunnies and even hedgehogs!

There were two things that I saw in this night market that I've never seen (live and up close) anywhere else in the world, a scooter with training wheels. This little guy zipped by so quickly, I only got off 2 shots, this is the better of the two. I was too tired to get up and go get a better shot.

Anyways the second amazing first for me at Rot Fai Train Night Market was this . . .

WTF is that?! I couldn't get a good picture because it was scampering around trying to avoid the kid that was trying to pet it. Then when it could find a spot to hide, the owner just dragged it back out, sometimes using his foot to move it. I felt kinda bad for it and moved closer to try to get a picture of it (because I still had no idea what it was at that point but it looked cool). As soon as I squatted down it ran over to me and stood up trying to climb up, I think? Or maybe it was asking me to pick it up, I don't know. I put my hand down and it grabbed my hand with its' two little paws and just stood there looking around. It was so cute! So I petted it for a while. Its' fur was kind of rough except the belly, that was really soft. Then the kid came back and this rodent looking creature positioned itself so that my hand was between it and the kid, lol. Anyways, I stood up to leave and had to ask the owner what it was that I was petting and he said "prairie dog." I walked away thinking how the !%@$@# did he get a prairie dog? I was greeted by my scowling kid and wife both trying to squirt hand sanitizer on my hands and legs. Apparently they didn't think the prairie dog looked that healthy because it had some bald spots, most noticeably on its' hind quarters. Other than that I thought it look healthy, felt bad for its' situation though but what can you do? The owner is openly "walking" it through a busy night market, so it must be ok, right? I thought prairie dogs were indigenous to the Canadian Prairies so it's not like I could swipe the thing and let it go in Bangkok, right?

Anyways, if you're into vintage stuff you'll want to come check out this night market, there's lots of the usual things to see and eat but if you're hunting for vintage stuff you'll spend at least a whole night looking through racks and racks of stuff! Here's some pics:

I think it's best if you find something you like, not to show too much interest when asking for the price, as some of the shop keepers were very heavy handed in naming their price. A lot of the things we were interested in did not have a price tag and some shop keepers would not budge on their price. For example, my daughter wanted this wind breaker type jacket with a crocodile logo on it (I don't know what brand it was but she did apparently) The shop keeper wanted $2000 BHT for it, I reluctantly offered $1200 (my daughter really, really liked the jacket...sigh) and the shop keep just said, "no." My wife inquired about some other articles of clothing and still no budging on the prices. So we left. An aisle or two later my kid found a another jacket, as did I, and the price on the sign was $300 BHT, the lady dropped the price to $200 BHT when she saw we had a few items in our hands. We didn't even have to ask which made my kid happy and instantly forget about that other jacket, lol.

Oh, I found a two story shop selling anime figures too, prices were relatively the same as in the Mega Plaza (my post about Mega Plaza, HERE).

Anyways, lotsa cool stuff with a wide spectrum of prices at Rot Fai Night Train Market, so look around before committing to something a bit too pricey. Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

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