In my opinion, Wat Saket is a must visit when in Bangkok and its' main attraction is Golden Mount. Golden Mount, from afar, looks like a temple on top of a walled fortress and is even more spectacular when seen at night. If you're interested in looking at some more photos of Golden Mount, HERE's my post on it

Now the train stop closest to Golden Mount / Wat Saket is on the MRT line (blue line) and the station you need to alight at is named Sam Yot. If you plan on staying late keep in my mind the last train scheduled for departure towards Sukhumvit station. I got there at about 11:45 pm and missed it.

If you're on the Sukhumvit Line (light green line) then you will need to change trains at either Asok and take the short walk to Sukhumvit MRT station (I've outlined details of the walk in my post HERE regarding getting to Wat Arun without taking the ferry). Note: if you're close to Siam station on the Sukhumvit line it may be a shorter travel distance if you change trains to the Silom line (dark green line) then alight at Sala Daeng station to take the train at Silom Station on the MRT line (blue line). It sounds confusing but one you check out the train map, it'll be easier to understand.

Sam Yot, I think, is the nicest looking station I've seen in Bangkok so far as it looks like a more traditional shop house rather than a transport station. Here's a photo:

I can't recall how much the fare was but it should be around $30 Baht. Once you alight at Sam Yot station and exit the building you'll see this:

That's the direction you need to go. Continue on until you cross the heritage bridge (there's a brown sign if you wanna read about it). Right after you cross the bridge you need to turn left and keep walking straight. You'll need to cross the street about 3 times before reaching the Wat Saket premises. Should be about a 10-15 minute walk depending on how long it takes you to get across some of the intersections, I remember one being quite busy and there are no pedestrian crossing lights.

You'll be looking for this entrance:

Have fun at Wat Saket and Golden Mount!

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