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How to get to Rot Fai Night Train Market Ratchada

How to get to Rot Fai Night Train Market Ratchada

January 2020 · 3 min read · Bangkok

Don't confuse this Rot Fai Train Night Market with the other Rot Fai Train Night Market. This one is in the Ratchada area and just off of Ratchadaphisek Road close to the Thailand Cultural Center. This one is also known as the new Rot Fai Train Night Market. The other Rot Fai Train Night Market is on Srinakarin Street and behind Seacon Square (a shopping mall, my post about that HERE). Directions to Rot Fai Srinakarin is detailed in my post HERE.

To get to Ratchada Train Market by BTS train, you will need to get to the MRT Station named Thailand Cultural Center (Blue line). If you're on the Sukhumvit BTS line (light green) you will need to change trains at Mo Chit station or Asok station depending on where you are on the Sukhumvit Line. If you're on the Dark green line (Silom line) you will need to change trains at Silom Station.

After you get off the train at Thailand Cultural Center, find exit 3 and head that way. If you see a bunch of Chinese people standing in groups, most likely blocking the way, you're heading in the right direction, haha. When you exit the station go left if you're facing the street. Most likely you won't have a chance to go anywhere else but with the flow of people. It's ok, y'all are going to the same place.

On the off chance there isn't a crowd when you exit the station, walk towards the Esplanade shopping mall in the same direction that the cars are going. Just before the Esplanade Mall is a road you'll have to cross to get to the mall. Don't cross it, instead turn left and follow the winding road. Don't worry, it's pretty short. DO worry if you have smaller kids because further up the road (near the entrance to Rot Fai Train Night Market) the sidewalk runs parallel to a big canal and there's no guard rail between the sidewalk and the ditch. So please watch your kids especially when there are a bunch of tour groups jamming up the sidewalk. It's only a short distance but better safe than sorry, right? The canal is in between the hedges and the pink building in the photo below.

Anyways, when you reach the sign in the photo at the top of the post, you've arrived. Turn left and weave your way through the tour groups (towards the buildings) and you'll be at the start of the Rot Fai Ratchada Train Night Market. I've been there once at 6:30 pm on a weekday and the way was not crowded at all. My post about Rot Fai Train Night Market is HERE.

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