Accuri 2 OTG Goggles by 100%
Accuri 2 OTG Goggles by 100% 

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share with y'all my impressions of 100%'s Accuri 2 OTG Enduro Goggles. OTG is the abbreviation for "Over the Glasses," meaning these goggles will fit over your glasses...or will they?

If you're interested in any sort of biking and was looking at getting goggles, I hope this review will help. As you know, I'm into mountain biking and was looking for goggles. Man, there are a lot of choices and at various price points (some being really, really expensive). In any case, I was looking for midrange priced goggles that I could wear over my glasses, can change the lens to fit the circumstance(s) I'd be riding in, and fit on my full face helmet. The Accuri 2 fits the bill but it's not "perfect" .

Here's how they look on my head, with and without helmet. It's big which means the field of view should be sufficient. It's also small enough to "store" on the helmet.

100% Accuri 2 on helmet
100% Accuri 2 on helmet

I had never heard of the brand 100% percent prior to my search for goggles. I was actually looking for the usual big brands like Fox Racing or Oakley. 100% is actually a pretty big name in the biking industry but at about 1/3 to 1/4 of the price of Fox/Oakley! If I recall correctly I paid around $60 for the goggles and 2 extra lenses.

Like all "pro" models, the Accuri 2 has a sticky stripe on the inside of the elastic band that allows the goggles to grip on your helmet. It works pretty good. The lenses also have posts if you need to use tear away films. It also comes with the attachment for roll films that attaches to the elastic band (pictured below)

As I mentioned before, the lenses are changeable. The orange/red lens on my goggles is the one I purchased separately. It's vented (you can see the vent holes in the close up picture below).  The lens that comes with the goggles is clear and not vented. Around the edges of the lenses are indentations that are designed to snap onto a peg on the goggle frame. It's not easy at all to snap the lens onto each peg. I always feel it's 50/50 whether or not I'm gonna snap the lens while trying to get the lens into the frame. The lenses are also VERY prone to fingerprints and are dust magnets (as you can tell from the photos). The bag that comes with the goggles is useless when it comes to wiping off fingerprints, lol. The mirrored lens I got tints your view a slight blue/green which may be bothersome to some people but I find it makes things easier to see.

I bought the vented lenses "just in case" the goggles fog up with the included lens. I'm glad I did because the included lens did fog up (a bit) on me, even though the foam that cushions your face from the frame is thick, it is very porous. Switching to the vented lens solved my fogging issue. I bought both the mirrored and clear vented lenses. Both of which have an additional plastic on the lens separated by a thin foam and the holes vent air into the gap between the main lens and that extra piece. See the pictures below.

OK, now for the OTG it really? Well, in my case, kind of. Here's the WTF moment. I have 2 pairs of prescription glasses (exact same frame) and 2 pairs of Oakley sun glasses (Flak Beta and Half Jacket). Both Oakley's fit just fine but my prescription glasses will physically fit (not easily like the Oakley's) into the space in the goggles BUT the foam presses up against the frame which pushes the frame onto my nose, which is uncomfortable at first then friggin hurts after a few minutes. Here's some pictures for your reference on sizing.

My verdict. I think the quality of the goggles is good enough to block bugs, dust, wind and twig branches (personally and unintentionally tested) without breaking, the price is great, even the additional cost of vented lenses is relatively inexpensive. I really like the weight of the goggles they aren't heavy despite looking bulky, I barely notice them when I'm wearing them. The reason why I'm not ecstatic about this purchase (as I was with my helmet and shoes) is because until I change my prescription glasses I can't ride at night with the goggles which I prefer to because it blocks more wind from drying my eyes (which is why contact lens aren't an option for me either). Oh well, first world problems, I know. Overall, I'm really happy with the 100% Accuri 2 OTG goggles.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

All the photos (unless otherwise noted in the post) were taken by me and are available for sale. If you're interested in buying an image or three, 😃 please don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

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