Hello Travellers!

How did you guys spend your weekend? I hope you were able to relax and have fun just like I did.

I got two days off, so I decided to go home last night. I woke up past 7 o'clock in the morning, swept the front yard and decided to visit the farm after.

As what I've mentioned in my previous blogs, spending time at the farm has a sort of therapeutic effect. I kinda believe that as we age, our preferences do change. I'm 28 now, and turning 29 really soon, and I'm a bit feeling so old already. I was so into socializing before, organizing get togethers and joining different activities.

Solitude is my thing now. I enjoy silence and alone time more than anything else. I noticed how the things I love now are quite the opposite of what I enjoyed doing when I was a bit younger.

Its funny how sometimes our world shifts in 360 degrees, and one day you'll wake up how things are different.

So much for the intro. Is it too obvious I think deep when I'm at the farm. Haha.

I will be sharing to you some photos I took earlier. The goats were totally adorable. I used my phone to capture these images.

In order not to bore you with just posting photographs, let me just share some fun facts about goats which I just learned few seconds ago (thanks google!).

So according to research, goats are some kind of herd animals, which means that they would become so lonely if they are alone. No goat is an island. Charot! Haha.

Another interesting fact is that goat's don't just have one, not two, not three but four stomachs. They're called rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. Sound like your casting some kind of Harry Potter spell. :)

A mother goat recognizes its kid not by the appearance but by its scent. Must have been an extra special skill coz when I went at the farm earlier they surely smells the same, or was it the poop?

According to some articles, the goats milk is actually one of the most famous in the whole world. Its also easier to digest than any other milk, which makes it good for people who has lactose intolerance.

The shape of goats' pupils are rectangular which enables them to see 320 to 340 degrees. The downside is that they can see up or down without having to move their head. (But 340 vision is still cool right? Haha.)

Doe's (female goat) pregnancy takes about 5 months and the average kid (baby goats) that they produce in a year is 2. A kid can already walk in just few minutes after they were born. Amazing kiddos! :)

Do you also know? That people who were born in the year of the goat are known to be gentle, kind-hearted and considerate? By the way, I was born in 1991. :)

And for my last photo, yeah, that's a goat taking a piss. The male goat would cover themselves with their own pee during the mating season. This is somehow similar to a guy trying to make himself smell good so he could attract girls and get a home base. Haha.

I hope enjoyed the photos (and the interesting fun facts I researched for you to make this post a bit interesting. Haha.) Let's keep sharing posts that would help boost sustainable tourism and our local farmers. Don't just travel, #travelwithapurpose. Happy Sunday everyone! :)