A pond near the entrance at Bali Butterfly Park.

When you see this photo, you know that this is a butterfly park. Well, yes, I went to Bali Butterfly Park yesterday (11/27/2019).

The staff at the park was very friendly, they even offered me coffee or tea before I entered the park. It is a great idea for servicing guests, especially in the morning. But I had my coffee earlier.

I went in to the park. It was an entrance that shaped like an opening in a cave with curtains hanging on the entrance.

Entering the park, it was like any ordinary flower garden but there was a fine black net covering the whole park area. This is to prevent the butterfly from escaping, or any birds from outside to come and have party in the garden with butterfly as the main menu.

The map of the park with the legendary? or legend?.

Lotus pond.

Path to navigate in the park.

The Insect House

First I went to the insect house (please consult the map ๐Ÿ˜…) to see some wonderful insects. There was a staff who show the insects to visitors. And sometimes, if the he could also help the visitors to take photo with the insects.

Some insects can be seen were leaf grasshoppers, stick grasshoppers, and beetles. There were also some scorpions who live in the Insect House.

The amazing leaf grasshopper.
Holding the leaf grasshopper for @worldcapture to see it ๐Ÿ˜… .
A Betle.


They are referred to as the "stick grasshoppers" or "wooden grasshoppers." Which name is more suitable in your opinion

These scorpions were not insect and were not friendly either, so I did not hold them ๐Ÿ˜ž

Pupae Sanctuary

Pupae Sanctuary, the next area I went to, was a small building where eggs were hatched into caterpillar, and then caterpillar into cocoon and last to be a butterfly. Here you could take photos with butterflies.

According to the lady in the pupae sanctuary, the life span of smaller butterflies are 5 days, while the bigger ones is 2 weeks.

Life span of butterfly is between 5 days to 2 weeks.
The lady is the staff who was in charge in the sanctuary, and she helped taking photos with the butterflies.
Beautiful butterfly.

Beetle's Cave

This cave was where you could see more beetles and different kind of spiders. I went there to have a look but I did not have time to take notice of the name of every spider. I just took some photos to show. Some of them are quite colorful. Some remind me of Lord Of The Ring movie.

To know more about a bug's life, enter this cave.
Bugs and spiders in their glass cages.


Those were I found the most interesting part of the park. There was also a museum at the end if you like to learn more about butterflies. The garden in the park was all right, is not great, but I guess they focus more to the butterflies and the beetle.

The pond and the garden in the butterfly park. Needs more effort to make it more beautiful, I suppose.
Inside the butterfly museum.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy it.