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Returning to the Restaurant in the middle of the Bali forest

Returning to the Restaurant in the middle of the Bali forest

January 2020 · 3 min read · Bali

The Bamboo Forest restaurant in Tabanan Bali is one of my favorite restaurant. I really like its setting and location. The food they serve also use mostly local ingredients in the farm nearby and in the forest.

It was raining when I got there. And mind you, I did not dislike the rain. In fact the rain and the fog made the place more mysterious.



I entered the restaurant with my clients. Well, I did not tell the restaurant staff there that I would come with a group of people.

"You should have called us."said one of the lady. Well, why? I asked.

This restaurant is located in the middle of nowhere, in the forest. They don't expect walk-in guests from the forest to stop at the restaurant. So, they were unprepared to serve buffet lunch when I arrived there. The buffet has to be booked earlier, and I did not to do so.

"Okay, what about set menu?" I asked.

The lady looked at me.

"Let me talk to the chef." she vanished to the kitchen.

She came 5 minutes later and told me, the chef needed 10 to 15 minutes to prepare buffet. It's a sudden buffet, they need time to prepare. And on the mean time, the soup was ready. The two ladies prepared 9 bowl of soups for us.

The starter was chicken and vegetable soup.

We finished the soup in no time. And then we waited until all the buffet meal was prepared on the long table in the restaurant.

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And we did not actually have to wait for very long for all the food to be prepared. They were place in plates on the table. Here they are.

The cucumber salad.

Chiken satay, oh, my favorite.

minced meat satay.

ac2vdd.jpg grilled chicken.
bb50y5.jpg jackfuit curry.
2hiblo.jpg fried noodle, sorry, it was nearly finished when I took this photo.

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I took my plate and put some varieties of food there. I just made sure putting more chicken satay on my plate.


Finally, at the end we had some apple pie, black rice pudding, and fruits for dessert. That's a good way to end our forest lunch.

Would you like some apple pie?
Or black rice pudding?
Or just sliced of fresh papaya and watermelon?

And so that was my trip to the forest and having lunch at Bamboo Forest restaurant. I remember thinking at the end, I thought I had too much chicken satay. 😅

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