Yesterday I want to hotel which was made by bamboo. It is called Bambu Indah Resort, and in English means, beautiful bamboo.

I went on this trip to look around the hotel. You could say that this is my Bamboo Hotel Tour ๐Ÿ˜‰.

A photo of the bridge to the lobby.

Some nice and comfortble sofa in the lobby, at the back was the open kitchen restaurant.

It was about 3 PM when we got to the lobby hotel. We met a Ms. Kim who explained the hotel and its facility. The hotel lobby was quite spacious and it was connected to an open kitchen restaurant.

All the lobby building was made from bamboo, from the pillars, the roof, the tables and the chairs, It was a beautiful lobby and restaurant.

Bamboo pilars, bamboo roofes, and wooden tables and chairs in the open kitchen restaurant near the hotel lobby.

The restaurant serve Indonesian cuisine. Many of the ingredients for cooking such as the spices, and vegetables were from the hotel garden.

As you guess, the kitchen buildings, the tables and everything else were made from bamboo.
The harvested these vegetables in the hotel garden/farm.

The Houses

Instead of calling them rooms, the places for guest to stay were just houses. These houses spread out in the garden area close to the lobby.

These were the houses in among many trees and vegetables farm.
One of the house, it had 2 floors.
The bed room on the second floor.

One of the house, called the Tree House was on renovation. According to the staff, it probably ready after two months (from the time this post is written).

The tree house was being renovated.

There are houses even that you could only reach by using a lift, because it is located down in the river bank.
When we finished looking at the house on upper level near lobby, we descended with a lift down to river bank. The lift was also made from bamboo (part of it) which only accommodate 2 persons.

Entering the lift to go down.

As we descended, I took photos of the lift, felt like we were going down inside a well.
We got out the lift through a small tunnel.

It as a strange experience descending in the lift. Felt like going into a small well or cave. It was dark, and scary. Believe me.

The River Bank Area

Getting out from the lift, I ended up in a tunnel. Some people may feel chlostropobic because of this. Walking along the tunnel for 30 seconds, I could see the sun light again.

I arrived just near by a small river. There was an interesting bamboo bridge that I had to walk pass. The bridge shook like a boat on the ocean as I walked on it. At the end of the bridge, a staff came and lead the way to walk along the river bank, and finally descended to round stairs to another bigger river bank.

Then we crossed this bamboo bridge.
Looking down to even lower area, I could see the natural spring swimming pool, and a restaurant.
You could also have your food served in this thing hanging by the river.

From the round stair, I could see a restaurant, natural swimming pools, and some houses on the cliff. We walked to the restaurant, and from there the view of the river and swimming pool was better.

There were some houses there, but many of them were occupied. There was one that we could look. It was called the glass house.

The bed room of the glass house.
The door to the glass house on the second floor.

The staff took me and my client to enter the glass house located in a rice field near river bank. Most of the wall were made by glass. It was a different sensation I feel to stay in this kind of house.

After visiting this glass house, we went back to the lobby, and said good bye.

More houses behind the trees on the cliff.

Final Words

This hotel is an eco-friendly hotel. They work seriously to use natural products and eliminate plastics. Most of the building, as it names imply, uses bamboo and wood.
The location is not far from the main town of Ubud, but in area which was quite lush and beautiful near river banks. It provide such a great retreat to the visitors.

Thanks for reading.