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FInally I was in Tanah Lot temple again waiting for the sun to go down. I have been ...

FInally I was in Tanah Lot temple again waiting for the sun to go down. I have been ...

November 2019 · 3 min read · Bali

... sooo many times in this temple. Most time I did not see sun set. There were many reason for this. It could be the bad weather, or the sun was not in the right position so it just disappeared somewhere behind trees or mountains or island.

When I arrived in Tanah Lot, the sun was still far away from the horizon.

Heading down to the beach near the little island where Tanah Lot temple is built on.

"Where is the best place for sunset?" my friend asked me. His name is Mr. Sourdet., Well, I have been visiting this temple for the last twenty years and I have never seen sunset. That was my reply.

We went to the beach in front of the island of Tanah Lot temple. There was a small island on the beach separated from the main island where the 15 century temple was built on. On high tide, the sea would surround the island that it was not possible to get to the island. But when I was there, the tide was low so we can walk around the island.

The sun was getting nearer to the horizon.

I stopped walking on the beach and found the spot for a perfect sunset, which I don't believe it's going to happen. It's a point where the island appear on right side, while the sun would supposedly would go down on the right.

"Here is the spot for seeing the best sunset, I think."

The sun was still high. Sunset was still another hour. We took few photos and had meaningless conversation. Then he said, "Is this really the best spot?"

"Well, we could try other place." I said, and started walking to a different spot closer to the temple. We took more photos and he asked again if that spot was really the best sunset. I just took my friend to another spot. There were five spots we tried finding the best sunset place.,

We arrived on the cliff not far from Tanah Lot temple. The sky has turned orange,. The sun was perfect circle. It was beautiful. I still did not believe there would be perfect sunset on the horizon. We did not walk any further, because we could walk trying to find the best spot for sunset and lost the sight of sunset because of it.

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We moved to other spot to see the best sunset. Maybe this one is better?

Or this one?

Maybe this one is better?

And finally the sun was setting in the west. I still could not believe my eyes seeing this. It was a perfect sunset. THe sun was disparaging behind the horizon. Well, not exactly like those sunset on movies, but still great.

Why would sunset bring this calm feeling to people or to me? Why was it so beautiful? As if there was a slight happiness sneaking to my heart seeing the sunset. I was busy thinking about this when a group of bats appear from little caves on the cliffs located by the beach near the temple.

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Well, this also look great. Bats and sunset seemed to be a cool combination for a view and photography.

The bats were swarming the sky.

My friend said." You said that there would be no sunset today, but there was."

I replied," Yes, I have been working as tour guide and have been visiting this place for the last twenty years and this is the only time I saw great sunset here."

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