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Biggest Christmas tree and market in Kharkiv, Ukraine || Underconstruction

Biggest Christmas tree and market in Kharkiv, Ukraine || Underconstruction

December 2019 · 4 min read · Kharkiv Oblast

Hello Guys, Happy Weekend ...

Today, I am going to write about the biggest Christmas tree in Kharkiv city, Ukraine. First I wanna mention it is under construction and as the weather is not so good here so it is taking time. But I think this is another phase to share how it looks when something especially this type of temporary market is under construction.

The location of this market is the center of Kharkiv city, every year many people, tourists come here to see this market and enjoy their time. This market is quite popular and it will be here almost for 2 weeks. So people go there to celebrate Christmas and New year at the same time.

Basically ROSEN (the biggest chocolate company of Ukraine) takes the responsibility to organize this market. From pictures, you might have already guessed that after full construction this gonna be an amazing market. People come here to enjoy their time, eat food, have fun with family and friends.

This is the area for ice-skating, the most popular crowded place among kids and teenagers. They love doing ice-skating here though I don't know how to do ice-skating. So, I will skip it because I don't wanna break my body parts.

This is the sitting area infront of the ice-skating zone. There is also a ticket counter where you can buy tickets if you wanna do ice-skating plus they will provide all accessories for ice-skating to you.

You can also enjoy watching this ice-skating area because this is such a cool experience.

This is one of the big food shop but under construction. These are all temporary structures. But this food shop is already opened and all kinds of fast-foods, coffee, drinks are available.

Can you see the big tree? It's almost 80 feet tall and covered with so many colorful lights. I will write a post and make videos when this market is fully opened for everyone. You can all see some small shops followed by traditional architecture and looks like a gingerbread house.

I really love these square shape small shops, they are so cute and the color theme is peppermint, I think. What do you think?

In my country, we have a temporary fair/ market during Pohela Boishakh or festive season. But they are totally different from this Christmas market, the pattern is almost the same but different theme festivals.

This area infront of the Kharkiv hotel is decorated and theme is Football. I don't know why they choose this theme but I should find it out.

Of course, I have captured pictures because these are my memory.

I also made a video in case you wanna see what everything looks like.

I won't say this is the best Christmas market so far but it's completely traditional. As it is under construction so it's better I will give my opinion after opening the market.

Thanks, everyone for reading, I will catch you on my next post.



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