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Place : Vanivilas Sagar Back waters

I studied in a place called Hiriyur, which is 20 km from the beautiful Vanivilas Sagar Dam.

And it took me 20 yrs to visit lol. Yes. 20 yrs. The place Vanivilas Sagar is known to be the oldest Dam of the state.

The history says the Dam was the architectural master piece of those days. The dam is higher than the emotional KRS dam. The Mysore Maharajas were the one who built the Dam.
It was said that the Royal family had pledged the royal jewelry to complete the Dam.

Hence it was named after the grand daughter as Vanivilas Sagara.

Here is the most loved picture I clicked from back waters


Camera Used
Nikon D5300

I was travelling to my hometown from Bangalore. A distance of 280 km. After traveling 160km from Bangalore, you need to take a left from main road.
We went along with a random decision ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

It was an thrilling village drive. The roads are super comfortable and you get the fresh air all the way till you reach the dam.
Huge plantations along the road side. The short drive of 15kms after the highway was very refreshing.

The Dam has two entrance, one directly on the bridge with a short walk and the other is near the IB and a longer walk through the wrong land and steps.
The place was very peaceful and green in August-September.

The Dam view


The Dam was not full yet and still the cold breeze was brushing every second.

Some more pictures


The IB side of the Dam entrance has plenty of space to go on a picnic. You have drinking water facilities too. We can carry our food and have our food with family and friends away like an outing.

But beware of the monkeys in the park space.


Here was a lone guardian


The benches are in perfect place to sit and relax the breeze and he doing the exact same thing ๐Ÿ˜Š

You go around,walk on the bridge and click pictures at the a small traditional symbolizing structure. Which looks like a temple. The outer walls are orange red and are perfect for a photography background.

After the top view, you can drive to the back waters of vanivilas Sagar Dam. Take Hosdurga road to reach the back waters. Any left diversion in hosdurga road will lead you to the back waters.

Here are some pictures from back waters


That's me and my friend.
A very small crowd actually comes to the backwaters.
And one among them are fishermen

Here is one picture keeping them in background


Software app used to edit the pictures
Photoshop Express mobile app

I had lot other pictures of the fishes they caught and some more pictures of those birds on the water.
Here is screenshot of the gallery of vanivilas Sagar back water pictures


And the map screen and the hosdurga road near by


Will write again in the next posts.
Hope the pictures give you an idea of what I was trying to text all the while.

Have a wonderful day