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Thimmadas to Shivanasamudra - Blend of Local influences among the franchises

Thimmadas to Shivanasamudra - Blend of Local influences among the franchises

December 2019 ยท 5 min read


Thimmadas to Shivanasamudra - Blend of Local influences among the franchises

Do you go out on weekends and you are not from Bengaluru, then most probable short travels you would choose are Nandi Hills and Anything down the Mysore road.

I'm from Bengaluru and I was travelling with a friend from Bengaluru, still we choose to run down the Mysore roads and revisiting Shivanasamudra.
Shivanasamudra is a small village wwhich is 130 kms or a 2 hrs drive from Bengaluru, India.
The name shivanasamudra becomes special for its existence on the banks of River Kaveri.
The villages formas an island by dividing the river into multiple segments. These segments flow and fall from the cliff forming an beautiful water fall view. They are named into two major waterfall segments Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.
The water falls is around 300 ft deep and the segments fall side by side.
The. water falls has a hydro electric power station. The power station was the first hydro electric power station in Asia.

So, our journey started from Bengaluru.

The highway is so congested on weekends as all the tourists travel to historic city Mysore or the near by tourist places.
we chose a weekday. The roads were still busy and managed to drive ok.
We sparked at a random Restaurant. we were attracted by the local name and a different name of the restaurant.
**Thimmadas Restaurant **

The restaurant is on Bengaluru Mysore highway just before we wrote to Shivanasamudra.
The restaurant has a welcome guard who helps you park your vehicle and they have ample space for parking your 4 wheelers. The inner seating space was quite big and had seating tables and chairs arranged.
The best thing I love to mention are the restrooms were clean and hygienic to use.

We quickly called the waiter as we were hungry and asked him their special serves. The very first thing he responded was Ragi Mudde Meals.

Ragi Mudde is a pure local dish from south India and mainly south state of Karnataka. what to wait for. we ordered Ragi Mudde meals.

The waiter was friendly and he was quick in taking our orders.
before he gets us our meal, we were browsing the menu and found somany local dishes.
And the outstanding item we saw was colorful idlies. in White(Which is normal) in greens and in orange.
We could not get what was mixed with the idli batter to get the colors.

coming back to our meals, we got them quick on our table.

here it is


The Ragi is believed to be a healthy diet. And Ragi balls are mainly known to be the food served in Military hotels and Villages for farmers.


Ragi is a millet and it does not have a taste by itself. The Ragi flour is cooked and made a semi solid paste and built in shape of balls is soft. We eat it as we break it into smaller balls your throat can swallow and dip those in the curry served.


Yes, we do not chew the small balls that are dipped in curry. we swallow. the softness of the balls and the taste of the curry gives a great treat. It slips easily though your mouth throat and to stomach.
Its different and great. you should try some day.

The plate of meals had also served few other things.

  • Ragi Mudde
  • Sprouts Curry
  • sprouted horsegram
  • Kesaribath
  • Rice Pulav
  • Sambur
  • Onion pakoda
  • Buttermilk
  • Curd
  • Rice bowl
  • Pappad

Yes all the above
a full meals plate.
Some other pictures I clicked on the restaurant.


The above is the Rice bowl and the papad. Papad is a deep fried dry rice bread. these are normally thin and are used as fryams.


The above picture shows the Curd the buttermilk the onion pakoda, Sambur and Vegetables Pulav.
The beauty of Full meals is a full plate with many varities ๐Ÿ˜Š

The inner space of the restaurant looked like below pictures


And the entrance and the parking places looked like below.



It was a great experience at the restaurant.
They were quick in serving and clean too.

From there it was a calm journey to the waterfalls.

I have some pictures I have clicked in my smartphone showing the view of waterfalls.

The Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls

picture 1


picture 2


picture 3


picture 4


picture 5


picture 6


picture 7


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After the restaurant, your road follows a rural state way which does not have much of food options. All you eat is the road side shops.

Like sugarcane Juice centers next to the roads,
the fruit sellers.
local Panipoori and bhel poori ahops.


A beautiful journey and day at waterfalls and back to Bengaluru.
Had clicked few pictures of the waterfalls in my camera.
will write a post on them seeon.

Have a great day ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Restaurant Information

Thimmadas Restaurant


SH17, Somanahalli, Karnataka 571433, India

Thimmadas to Shivanasamudra - Blend of Local influences among the franchises
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