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Being Veggie - Hotel Aradhana

Being Veggie - Hotel Aradhana

December 2019 ยท 3 min read


Being Veggie - Hotel Aradhana

An unexpected travel story that we ended in an awesome Vegan restaurant

Hotel Aradhana a Vegetarian restaurant in Bagalkot old city.

Had a surprise visit to the Old city of Bagalkot in Karnataka state, India. The city has large number of mess systemed hotels for lunch. And are pure vegans. The place Bagalkot is known for the dry and less vegetated lands but they import a lot of veggies and cereals from sister cities and near by villages.

We had to try something new as we were so new to the place. I may be visiting the city very first time in my life.

The normal catch to have food in a new city is, try finding the restaurant near the crowded place. Like the main roads near govt Bus stop, train stations.

And the trick worked for us at at restaurant named Aradhana on Bus stand road.

The restaurant had an old vintage look for a city like Bagalkot. The waiter was an old man with beard who looked to be working for ages in the hotel and now he is part of it.

Here are few pictures of the veggie food we ordered.

Poori Sagu


2 plates of poori, the poori are made up of wheat flour and are deep fried in vegetable oil.


The hot poories tastes great with potatoe curry. The boiled potatoes are semi smashed and cooked with onions, turmeric powder and chilies.


The red curry is of mixed veggies with inhouse masala.

And to mention Bagalkot is very hot compared to Bangalore in southern India.
So tried the special Curd Rice


It is special because of the decorative they have tried on it.
Normally a curd rice resembles Curd +Rice+Salt. But he restaurant had an awesome presentation with dryfruits like cashews, dry grapes cilantro and grated carrots. The white rice and white curd looks so attractive after trying the dexoratives.


That looks amazing.
And tastes superb and healthy too.

Curd rice is often ate with Pickles. The indian Pickles. The most famous Pickles are wolf Mangoes. A raw mango with red chillie powder and so many stuffs to make it taste great.


The moment you smell the Mango pickle, I ll bet your moth will water lol.


Here is how I started with Curd rice and pickles


some more pictures before I started eating




Here is one picture of interior seatings of the restaurant.

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And finally the picture of the post


I'm trying myself a Go veggie and hope to attain it soon or a I'm already in the phase of reducing the non veg i use to have.

Have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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Restaurant Information

Hotel Aradhana Delux


587101, Bus Stand Rd, Ward No 10, Bagalkot, Karnataka 587101, India

Being Veggie - Hotel Aradhana
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