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Mysore to Bangalore - Halli Mane

Mysore to Bangalore - Halli Mane

December 2019 ยท 4 min read


Journey from Mysore to Bangalore - Halli Mane

Hi All,

I had been to the historic and cultural hub of Karnataka, Mysore.

Mysore is world famous for its Dasara celebrations and attracts lot of foreign tourists as well.
More than Bengaluru, tourist prefer Mysore for all the below reasons.

  • No or low traffic
  • Authentic Food options
  • Cultural hub
  • Cool weather
  • Tourist friendly people and culture
  • Calm and stays out of pollution
  • Easy access to multiple hill stations and other tourist attractions.
  • less expensive compared to Bengaluru

I can list the differences and prederences all day and Mysore stands ahead.

Today I have a beautiful location to share while travelling from Mysore to Bengaluru.

We were in Mysore for 4 days and had great time visiting

  • Mysore Palace
  • KRS dam
  • Mysore zoo
  • Shivana saundra water falls
  • Balmuri and yedmuri

It was an awesome time, driving was never a problem.

We decided to drive back to Bengaluru and on the way we found this wonderful restaurant

Halli Mane

meaning Village Home


the entrance


The most loving thing of the restaurant was the theme it offered to the visitors.
A village environment.

  • the muddy flour
  • village environment with a set up
  • A cattle to the left of restaurant
  • Cattle gazing area
  • free fed local hen
  • fodder and dry grass set up for cattles and crowding storage place
  • Banana plantations
  • The antic looking mugs and jars and cups

would have missed some. but definitely a Village feeling.

Here are some pictures I captured


picture 2


Above you can see the Banana plantations and actually we were luck that there was a bunch hanging in the tree. There were not ripe still but looked awesome. Appreciate the effort the restaurant has put in.

Below are the pictures of cattle feeding green crunchy corn stems. I had a doubt on how they protected the banana tree from cattle ๐Ÿ˜

If kids are in your company, then they will enjoy feeding the cattle and the goats at the restaurant.

picture 3


she is been clean and decorated too. so we believe that they have a dedicated person who takes care of the cattle area.

picture 4


picture 5


picture 6


picture 7


The above picture shows the water jugs and cups which look antique
these are copper coated jugs.
It is believed that the clean water stored in copper containers are good for drinking.
It was a practice in villages in olden days and some do it still.
Only catch is, the water should be clean and not to be mixed with ay sour or alkaline things. The may react with copper and be harmful.

picture 8

the seating place.
It has an modern touch but no walls. fresh air from the back of the farm flows directly into the seating area.
The seating area is ssurround by cattle garden on left, plantation and flowers on left. Farm land in the back side and front is covered to avoid Highway disturbances. the right front corner has a arts and craft shop which sells all the artistic cultural items made up of wood.


The restaurant has enough open space for recreation and a free walk. They also have a closed seating area if you preferred.

Coming down to the food. I give 4 out of 5 for the food because of the location and ambience they have set up. Food was not outstanding, but a good one.

Akki Rotti
rice flour bread


The alki rotti tasted great with the red chilli garlic paste.
Rotti was stuffed with onion slices and dil leaves and some green chillies. The stuffings were uniform and tasted great.


Above you see the red chilli and garlic paste. It was spicy but tasted great.

other things we had was idlies and Dose


The dose,
it was good. can't say a great experience though. the dose was soft and missed the crunchy effect.


Me being Dose idli lover, can definitely say they were not up to the mark and I would say a 3 of 5.

the idlies or we call them tatte(plate) idli
which will be bigger than normal idlies.
was better than Dose


Chutney was good

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probably, should not have considered Dose and idli. instead should have tried other things on their

I really had a wonderful time recalling the restaurant space and village set up while I write this review.

We made some memories at the restaurant and started our journey towards Bengaluru

Hope you all had a great feel of village environ ment with the pictures I shared in here.
Have a great time.

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Restaurant Information

Halli Mane


Bengaluru โ€“ Mysore Road, Near Check-post, SH17, Srirangapatna, Karnataka 571438, India

Mysore to Bangalore - Halli Mane
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