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Those Instant plans on National highway  4 - Parathzzaa to Halli Nenapu

Those Instant plans on National highway 4 - Parathzzaa to Halli Nenapu

December 2019 Β· 4 min read


Those instant plans on Highway 4 Parathzzaa - Halli Nenapu

Always had a dream of traveling solo to unknown destinations.
with no plans of tomorrow and all we have is to think of today and enjoying it.

It was in the evening, was trying to locate some destination first and then pack my bags.
That's when my friend talked about a solo traveler being mugged lol.
The next moment, a lot of mixed emotions and random plans running in my mind.

Do I still plan for solo trips. I should and I will plan.

But for easing the moment, I took the car and started to visit a frnds home 30 min away.

All the 30 min, i was locatking an alternate destination.

that was Basti Betta

How did I find this location?
While I travel in train, I stand in the doors and keep watching what I see outside. There it was. A mountain looking like a single rock structure was prominently visible.
Then I joined with my frnds and started our journey towards the Basti Betta.

Halfway we were hungry and planned to stop by a restaurant. Bengaluru is having lot of restaurants, but outside Benagaluru are the special ones. The varieties have the local touch and the local procurement too.

In search of such restaurant, we arrived at the name sign Halli Nenapu.

How come, the restaurant was on the opposite side of the Highway we are travelling.

  • Did the restaurant shift to the other side?
  • Did the restaurant open it's new Branch?
  • Or we are drunk enough to forget the direction we are travelling.

7 more kms were covered in a few min and we arrived at the location.

It's Halli Nenapu restaurant in collaboration with Parathzzaa.

Decrypting thebsecret here (The Parathzzaa was not able to attract enough of crowd as there was nothing local in their menu)

Why would people come all the way so far if the same is being served inside Bangalore as well.

Yes Halli Nenapu restaurant on the other side was serving best and it had a huge crowd inflow. So I assumed that their popularity gained the franchise collaboration.
Even we stopped for Halli Nenapu.


Some of the pictures I captured for all the steem foodie lovers.

we stopped at the parking. The space was huge and had enough space for parking and play.

The Open space had the seating aswell. Directly under the moon - perfect for a moon light dinner.

Here is the other view of seating in Open space


Few more photographs of the entrance
and my favorites from the parking space


Our doggie doll on car dashboard and the restaurant space behind the windshield


The view through my glasses


and when my glasses are focused,
the restaurant goes bokeh


The Parathzzaa looked like the centre was their older set up which was dedicated to Parathzzaa alone.

After Halli Nenapu came in picture,
the local art and the warli art colored the walls
Here are some beautiful art on walls 😊😊


The village culture of those times, the art depicting the traditions


picture 3


picture 4


picture 5


picture 6


picture 7


picture 8


This shows the village environment and village culture on the Highway.
Definitely a very good approach and plus for the restaurant.

The inner place we choose for seating


Here is the food

menu and food I had for me


the other menu


Below are the food we ordered,
definitely from Halli Nenapu and not from Parathzzaa

**Chicken Kholapuri **


picture 2


The chicken was spicy as expected.
The taste was awesome and nice to munch
with Roti and chapati


We had ordered Chapati and Roti.
Both looked like they were made up of wheat flour.

some pictures of Roti first


picture 3


The Roti with Chicken curry


The Chapati and Roti were prepared good. Soft to cut them and tasty too.

The Next was Rice items

Chicken Biriyani


Spicy locally bred Chicken free from caged broiler chicken.

The locally bred Chicken will be a little hard but adds a lot of taste of the biryani.


Vegetables Biriyani for veggie guys.
Every trip will have a vegan 😁


The Vegetarian Biriyani was lot less spicer than the one we had for Chicken.


The Vegetarian Biriyani had carrots paneer and lot other vegetables in it.

Biriyanis are always served with a gravy and a curd or Raita atleast.


The Raita

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All the menu items were Cheep and Fabulous.

Hope the review was not too lengthy.

Have a great time


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Restaurant Information



Nelmangala, Gundenahalli, Karnataka 562123, India

Those Instant plans on National highway 4 - Parathzzaa to Halli Nenapu
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