Ponte de Lima

The Roman bridge that crosses the Lima River in this place gave rise to the name of this ancient village. The first request was granted in 1125 by D. Teresa, the mother of the first king of Portugal, before the foundation of the kingdom.


Ponte de Lima

In the center of a rich agricultural region, where the famous Vinho Verde is produced, its heritage includes a large number of manor houses and mansions, many of which currently offer housing tourism.


Ponte de Lima

This traditional village has a great fortnightly animation on the river bank when the fair originates from the Middle Ages, where another traditional event "The Cow of the Ropes" is also held in June. In September the village registers great excitement with the realization of Feiras Novas, the county festivities.


Vaca das Cordas

Ponte de Lima is one of the four municipalities that make up the Lima Valley. In this region, the Giant Route is a way of knowing the places where four great historical figures were born that took Portugal to the four corners of the world.


Ponte de Lima

Ferdinand Magellan the Navigator from Ponte da Barca led the first circumnavigation voyage proving that the earth is round. In Ponte de Lima was born Blessed Francisco Pacheco, Messenger of the Society of Jesus and one of the first Jesuit missionaries in Japan.


River Lima


Ponte de Lima

João Alvares Fagundes (the Discoverer), from Viana do Castelo, explored and discovered Newfoundland in the North Atlantic, an important cod fishing zone. Originally from Arcos de Valdevez was Father Himalaya, the inventor, scientific scholar of renewable energies who represented Portugal at the St. Louis Universal Exposition in the United States.


Ponte de Lima