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Traditional Market Center at the Entrance to the Takengon Nature Tourism Location

Traditional Market Center at the Entrance to the Takengon Nature Tourism Location

November 2022 · 3 min read · Aceh

Hello Hivers, this is the story of my journey when visiting Gayo land. I headed for the traditional shopping center at the tourist site

A typical regional theme that was developed into a motif in the city of Takengon's handcraft industry may be found there. Small vendors can be found on the entrance roads to tourist attractions if we especially travel to the city of Takengon to see Pantan Terong. They provide a variety of traditional handicrafts for sale, including kupiah, sling bags, totes, and backpacks.

The "Kerawang Gayo" motif, which is embroidered with excellent artistic and philosophical elements, is present in all of these crafts. Not only do they sell bags with "Kerawang Gayo" embroidery motifs, but they also have t-shirts with the same designs. All of the products offered here might serve as mementos for tourists from beyond the Gayo region.

Immigrants from outside the region who visit really enjoy the business that has grown out of these handicrafts. Small to big backpacks with embroidered designs, known as "Kerawang Gayo" backpacks, are easily available. Similar to how there are tote bags manufactured for males and others made just for ladies.

Additionally, they provide other handmade items with the same theme, such as wallets. Mothers typically favor wallets because they believe it is safer to carry cash when shopping. Teenagers typically favor sling bags because they look fashionable when carrying them, especially when "Kerawang Gayo" embroidery—the original handcraft of the Gayo community—is added to them.

Additionally, there are kupiah accessible here for men of all ages, making them perfect for usage during Muslim devotion. Due to the "Kerawang Gayo" motif's simple, popular, and stylish design, men typically purchase T-shirts with this design. Each of these products costs between Rp. 50,000 or (15 HIVE). You can purchase typical Gayo souvenirs.

In addition to being able to introduce the "Kerawang Gayo" image to outsiders, this company is quite lucrative for the LGBT community. Definitely a beneficial activity. The amazing visitors purchase a variety of things to give as gifts to friends, family, co-workers and other close individuals.

With regard to visitors from outside the area or the economic situation in the nearby areas, the price is also extremely reasonable. Also extremely helpful are the products for sale. Unlike other bags that utilize leather, which may peel off quickly if it is exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, embroidery employs a specific fabric foundation material that makes it incredibly durable and difficult to harm.

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In actuality, both the sun and the kupiah are quite resistant to this embroidered purse. When purchasing "Kerawang Gayo" embroidery bags outside of Gayo country, where prices only start at IDR 50,000, we can obtain a bag of excellent and elegant quality for a larger price. the majority of enterprises

This demonstrates that the product is certainly much desired and sought after by outside visitors as Gayo land souvenirs. You really have to get their handicraft items if you go to the Pantan Terong tourist destination in the city of Takengon since they are excellent and high-quality. Additionally, we can support this region's small enterprises' economic cycle.

Thus, my post on helping the city of Takengon's small enterprises. We are hoping that this post will inform and educate us. I appreciate your support and reading my post.


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