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Forest Views and Tourist Spots on Mount Sala

Forest Views and Tourist Spots on Mount Sala

July 2023 · 4 min read

Hello Pinmapple and travel enthusiasts! I wish you health and well-being. I am very happy to be back and discussing my trip to the Mount Salak area in North Aceh.

The tourist population in this hilly area is always busy during holidays and Eid celebrations. This area is part of the highlands, where there are hills and valleys. Many visitors are interested in visiting this location because it is part of a natural tourist destination.

Another feature that attracts visitors to this area is the presence of various cafes that have a distinctive and alluring appearance and are located in the corners of the valley. Visitors can see the hills and valleys in this area, which offer their own unique sensation. Shooting with a forest, valley or mountain background can be done in a number of locations.

This forest is part of the forest that must be maintained because it can be developed as a tourist attraction in addition to protecting natural ecosystems. Forest ecosystems that exist today should not be damaged in the process of developing natural tourist attractions. The balance of nature, climate and temperature will benefit by maintaining forest ecosystems.

Given our desire to breathe cool air and beautiful surroundings, visiting a beautiful forest will always be a pleasure. However, if this forest has been plowed, cut down, or burned, it will no longer be beautiful and will bring natural disasters such as landslides, floods, and dramatic climate change. Having access to fresh air in this hilly environment makes me very happy.

The cities of Lhokseumawe, Bireun, North Aceh, Bener Meriah, and Takengon are the cities that visitors to this region most frequently visit. Because it is located along a vital road that connects five provinces and cities, this tourist destination is the reason. We can go to the KKA - Takengon road after passing through the Medan-Banda Aceh national route if coming from Lhokseumawe City.

The uneven road is the road to the Mount Salak area. The path here consists of hills, descents and bends, so if you go through this road you have to be extra careful. Apart from that, there are some very dangerous potholes on the road which you should avoid while driving.

This road sometimes has very little traffic on normal days and is relatively calm. However, this road is likely to be congested with traffic on holidays, particularly holidays. We can visit some local cafes after arriving in the mountainous area of Mount Salak. D'Ground Cafe on Jl. PT. KKA- Bener Meriah, Hutan, Kec, is one of the well-known cafes that are frequented by tourists.

An hour's drive from downtown Lhokseumawe will take you to a cafe located on the left side of the road after the KKA-Takengon road bend. The cafe building is simple, beautiful and stylish. They offer seating near the bar area, and the interior of the space is beautifully decorated with natural wood finishes and paint colors.

huts and chairs outside are available along the side of the balcony, and there is also outside seating available. A valley and forest can be found behind this cafe. They also built a balcony for taking self-portraits, which offers views of the outdoors, including valleys, forests, and promenades as backdrops for scenes that can be created from your images.

The most popular drinks and food on the cafe's menu are sanger coffee and espresso coffee. Robusta or arabica beans can be used to make coffee, but robusta has a more recognizable taste and aroma. Sophisticated espresso coffee processing machines are used to produce coffee with a unique taste.

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Strong, low-acid coffee to which milk and lattes are added looks luxurious and beautiful. They offer a variety of refreshing and fizzy drinks in addition to coffee, but hot or warm drinks are best. You will see fog here as it is very cold, especially in the evening.

Menus of ayam penyet, aceh noodles, and egg martabak are available if you are hungry. After a long journey, you can relax with drinks and food at this cafe while enjoying the stunning details of nature. Afternoon is the best time to experience the natural beauty of this area as the air is cool and you can see the valley side which is shrouded in mist.

You will get cool and enchanting natural nuances when you visit this location. The pristine forest is a source of cosmic music, with mysterious nature sounds emanating from the animals that live there. I am very happy to be here and enjoy my time here with everyone.

Thank you for reading and supporting this post, hope this is useful!

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