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Eky's Momong Resort with Exotic Beach Views

Eky's Momong Resort with Exotic Beach Views

May 2023 · 4 min read · Aceh

Hello Travel and Pinmapple friends wherever you are, may God always bless us all!

This is the story of my journey to one of the natural tourist destinations behind the hill in the cliff area at Lam Puuk Beach, Aceh Besar District, Aceh. In 2004, this coastal area was hit by a devastating tsunami that killed thousands of people along the Lhok Nga coastal area, Aceh Besar District. Over time, the people in this area are improving and continuing their lives as they should.

A number of tourist destination areas have reopened and have invited enthusiastic tourists to visit this beach. The coast in the area is indeed very beautiful with natural scenery, beautiful forests and hills making a beautiful background when we take selfies. Along the shoreline, a number of cypress trees thrive up to the sky.

A hidden tourist location, located in a cliff area and right behind a rocky hill. Our journey to this tourist location starts from an inn in downtown Banda Aceh. Travel to this tourist area takes about 30 minutes by car or motorcycle.

Travel to the Lhok Nga area, has a wide asphalt road and is easy for motorized vehicles to pass. The purpose of our trip this time is to go to the Eky's Momong Resort & Cafe tourist site which is behind the hill. When we headed to this tourist location we entered the area of the road to Lam Puuk beach, Aceh Besar District.

This tourist location is still in the area of the coast of Lampuuk, it's just that this area is behind a hill. They set up a cafe near the cliff which is right towards the beach. Road access here is still not good, tracing clay and rock paths with the environment around the road is forest.

Only about 5 minutes from the main path of Lampuuk beach, we enter to the right towards the hills and forests. Our destination is near the beach, towards the cliff behind the hill and the wilderness. Entering this road we were approached by a number of wild monkeys which made us have to be careful by closing the car windows and honking their horns to drive them off the road.

Momong Resort & Cafe is a tourist destination that is most targeted by tourists because of their position which is very attractive to adrenaline and the charm of beautiful beaches. They have found a hidden spot that offers breathtaking views of nature and beaches. In this cafe there are a number of public facilities such as parking areas, mushalla and toilet.

Parking areas are in 2 locations, at the top of the hill or near the cafe, but the large parking area is on the hill. They have made a number of spots such as huts, chairs and tables for visitors to occupy. The best spot is the hut near the beach, through a beautiful bridge.

They also provide a number of menus that will accompany your activities at this cafe while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and beaches. The charm of the beach with white sand and waves crashing against the rocks on the shoreline with a cool breeze is something you will definitely find in this area. Meanwhile, you can't miss a number of spots to take pictures with a beautiful natural background.

We can sit in the cafe area or go downstairs to be close to the beach while playing with the beautiful sand and rocks. But in my opinion, being on a high cliff is the most enchanting when we can see a stretch of beach and natureexotic. It was a very memorable experience when I visited this beautiful nature tour and they have a variety of special summer and beach menus and friendly service and economical prices.

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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Category Nature, Travel, Beach

Location Lampuuk, Lhok Nga, Aceh


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