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Up to the sunshine

Up to the sunshine

January 2020 · 4 min read · District of Snina

It's been dark and cloudy in my hometown today, but we could see that there was some sunshine up the hill in the direction of the village nearby.

It's always a good idea to get some vitamin D in winter, so we dressed up and went on an adventure. I must admit that I hadn't been to this part of the town before and I didn't really know where we would end up. It however is quite a small place, so we were not afraid that we would get lost. One thing that I knew was that we would walk in the mud and therefore we put on our hiking shoes. It was also a steep path up the hill and good shoes were necessary.


When we walked out of the town, we continued walking on the road for a few hundred meters. We could see the sunshine, but we had to cross the road and walk on a large field to get a bit out of it.


First of all, we turned to the field on the other side to get a beautiful view of my hometown. The mountain range surrounding the town is called Poloniny. It's a protected area and behind it is the country border to Poland.


On the right side, you can see some houses. My grandma lives in that area. It would normally take me around 10 minutes to get to her house from my mom's place, but we were so far away that it would take us around an hour at that time.


There was still a little bit of sunshine but the mountains were already hidden behind the clouds.


In summer, this field will be filled with delicious produce. It could be corn, some sort of grain, sugar beets or potatoes. Every year it's a surprise to the inhabitants.


Let's walk back to the road and then to the other side. We couldn't cross it at that place because of the thick bushes blocking our way.


And here we will cross the bridge to the other side. I was not sure if I wanted to walk on this construction but it wasn't that bad at the end. I would say that it was rather exciting.


Now, we are looking in the direction of Stakcin, a small village where my father was born. In the back we can see the Ukrainian part of Poloniny.


And my hometown again...


Sninský kameň is the most important landmark in the region. It's the mountain in the middle. When I was a child, we used to hike there every year with my whole family including all my aunts, uncles and cousins. We were around 40 people and I remember that it was a lot of fun. We would walk all day, set BBQ for lunch and enjoy some quality time together.


We were lucky that we didn't take the dog with us today as the grass was very long at some places.



Here we had to decide if we would go the same way back or if we would try to walk down the hill and see where we would get. We usually don't go for the easier option and today wasn't any different. We went down the hill...


All was good as soon as we could see the town...


We came across this birch alley...


And this artistically colored hill...


There was even a creek that I didn't know about. It was clean and maintained. We could see that people took care of it.

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We walked to the bridge and saw that part of the creek was frozen. I think that it was melting anyway as it was not that cold today.


And the other side of the bridge...


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Even though it wasn't that cold outside we were quite cold when we got home. We spent more than 2 hours walking and urgently needed a cup of tea. This was the first thing that we did upon our arrival. It was so delicious! The best thing you can do when you're cold!

I hope you're having a great day too!

Thank you for visiting!


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