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My entry for People Photography by @worldcapture, week 49

My entry for People Photography by @worldcapture, week 49

December 2019 · 3 min read · Cahuita

Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

I am happy to submit yet another entry to the People Photography challenge hosted weekly by our one and only Chris aka @worldcapture.

After sharing somewhat confusing photo with you in the last round, I am coming with another picture that might look a bit misleading so let me put things into perspective for you.


The man is not an animal abusing villain but a national park guide and a devoted animal lover. He is not hurting the poor sloth but actually helping it cross the road and get to safety of the jungle.

We were on our way to the Gandoca Manzanillo National Park in Costa Rica when we saw this little furry fella desperately (but super slowly) trying to get to the other side of the road and if there was not for the quick witted guide and his reaction, the sloth might have never made it as the road was pretty busy.

Here is another shot of the animal after the guide transferred it to the other side of the road.


You might also wonder why he was holding the sloth like that. Well, he said that grabbing the sloth by the back between the shoulder blades is the only safe way to carry it without the risk of being scratched by its powerful claws.

The most iconic animals of Costa Rica, sloths spend most of their lives in trees but they do descend to the ground, usually for two reasons – to defecate or to switch for another tree. When on the ground, however, the sloth is extremely vulnerable and it has literally no chance to avoid an approaching car. Therefore, it is always the driver who decides whether these defenseless furry guys make it safely to the other side of the road or not.

Let me wrap this post up with my favorite sloth photo I took in Costa Rica. I have used this shot here on Steem on many occasions already and you have probably seen it too but when it comes to sloths, I just cannot help but share it again, just to remind you and myself too how amazing animals the sloths are and that they deserve our utmost respect and protection :) So here it is.


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Thanks for hosting the People Photography challenge, @worldcapture! :)

This post was created by me for the Steem blockchain exclusively.


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