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New Year's Eve in Italy - part 3 - Rimini - SUMMARY

New Year's Eve in Italy - part 3 - Rimini - SUMMARY

December 2019 · 4 min read · Emilia-Romagna

Day three - Rimini

This is the third and final post ending my trilogy "New Year's Eve in Italy"

Each post describes one city that I visited.
If anyone would like to see my previous trips around Venice and San Marino, please refer to the links below:

Our last stop, in which we decided to stay longer and spend the night ending 2018 and beginning 2019 was the city of Rimini. It is located 20 km from our previous point - San Marino.
It is a resort very well known in Italy and often chosen as a resting place by tourists from Italy and the rest of the world. The city lies on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in the northern part of the country. Is a place visited by Italian TV stars - Italian director Federico Fellini comes from - models, celebrities, school camps, people wanting to party etc. which was easy to see because there were crowds of people in the city.

The city has a lot of hotels densely located next to each other. People living in this area have adapted so much to tourists that you can even have a short conversation in Polish, for example with people working in restaurants which was a pleasant surprise for us :).
Interestingly, I will add that in Rimini there is a beach of several kilometers where Calzedonia presents its new collections every year.
Worth mentioning and visiting is the 2,000-year-old Tiberius Bridge through which one enters the climatic district of San Giuliano.

It is true that we will not find here a huge, towering tens of meters castle, which is rather unattractive for tourists, but we can walk around the fabulous Renaissance old town, which stretches between the two main squares - Piazza Cavour and Piazza Tre Martini.

In sum:

Last year's New Year's Eve and the days around him were different to me than before. I visited a lot of new and amazing places in a short time.
Italy is a beautiful place on earth that I have visited several times before.
If I had to choose which of the cities captivated me the most, it would definitely be Venice. Its atmosphere, magic influence and, as one of my favorite travelers and author of travel books wrote - places like people have their souls. It is true that it is different from human but it affects people, which is why it happens to fall in love with a city, neighborhood or a specific patch of land.

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I will gladly return there again someday, for much longer.
Would I like to live there permanently? Definitely not, the number of tourists visiting this place is too large and a bit overwhelming for me, therefore, although I have contributed to its increase myself, I would not like to face it every day;). As a place for coffee or a place to eat an evening dinner combined with the subsequent burning of calories by walking the streets of the city standing on the water if I lived nearby - by all means yes.

However ...

More important than the place where you spend New Year's Eve is - with who - you will spend it. Not only this day / night but all others. The right companion, friend, other half is the best companion of wandering, large - the so-called life - and small - those from the car under the cage by the glow of stars and lanterns.
I am lucky to have it all focused in one, Special person :).
Spending time with such a valuable interlocutor makes her I feel wanted everywhere in her company. Regardless of whether it would be a desert island or the center of the most boring party.
I wish you all and yourself a companion of all travels, preferably for life!

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