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Traveling From Eastern Saudi Arabia to Jeddah City Philippines Consulate Part 1

Traveling From Eastern Saudi Arabia to Jeddah City Philippines Consulate Part 1

December 2019 Β· 6 min read

Have a nice day travellers!

I wanna share my 7 and half hour travel by land from my workplace to the city of Jeddah Saudi Arabia for my friend's renewal of passport and my pension paperwork process and confirmation. We rented a car and driver to have lesser expenses. We were three on our travel.

Living in a foreign land has a lot of procedures. We can not go without our passport. Since my passport is already expired, I traveled to the Philippines Consulate of Jeddah Saudi Arabia. My workplace is located in the Eastern part to travel almost 8 hours to the second big city.

There was a white cloud we saw in the starting point of our travel heading to Jeddah.

It was 3:30 in the afternoon and the white clouds became dark and trigger heavy rain. I was not wrong there was rain pouring but it was not heavy as I thought.

Leaving my workplace in this area entering another town. From Sabya we have to pass Baesh.

Reaching this place means we were leaving my place entering another place.

I was amazed by this kind of street lamps but it was too early for lighting so it looks just like that.

Wow, I love this structure we passed by. How I wished to stop and take a picture but I felt embarrassed to the driver. So I just kept on my mobile phone camera in the ready mood. I had in my mind to have my travel blog.

I saw this hill/ mountain far beyond but it looked so different. There were no green colors on it. Perhaps there is no plant at all.

Another beautiful scene on the road. I think this is a place of salination of the water supply for the people. I heard that the water we drink here is from the sea. I don't know if it is true or false information.

See, I am not wrong, the place is Shigig, it is the place where the process of drinking water from the sea is done.

There was rain falling starting in this area so the glass of the car became blurry.

The red color rocks on the roadside gave another attraction on our way.

The sun was still shining above the seaside though the rain at that time was pouring.

I remember during my first land trip with my employer, they told me that this old palm trees are not dying from a long time ago.

I saw this in front of the car and we were already traveling an hour from my workplace.

A lot of mountains we passed by with a beautiful we shape. It looked like hard rocks without people living. Then I noticed that the rain caused flooding or it was just a river on the roadside. Again, how I wished to stop and take a picture again.

We were so far from our destination target but I enjoyed myself by capturing the moment. Actually, I was so afraid of the battery will be drained and I forgot my power bank.

I saw clean and clear water and the beautiful hill. This is different because I saw buildings and plants.

It was another mountain we passed by with a road on its side.


This was what I saw in my left window. The perfect hill on the seaside and the sunset. The sea was on low tide too.

It's really a perfect hill!

In front of us, I saw this city, another place we passed by.

When we passed like this, it means we were arriving in a new town or city.

Another mountain near the building around the city or a certain town.

The sun looked so tired shining on a rainy day but still, it gave light. A little while, it's going to hide and gave us a chance to see the beauty of the city approaching our way.

The sea and the sunset from the side window of the car. I also noticed a little island. How beautiful it looks!

Street lights were starting lighted along our way. We were almost coming to our destination.

Stop for car food! Full tank again! We went outside and looked for a comfort room at the same time.

I stopped taking a picture when the night came. I was so worried about my battery. We need a signal for the final destination going to the house of my employer's sister. I wasn't able to take a picture in the city during the night. The result will be not good while the car is moving.

We arrived safely at 11:30 p.m. in Al Marwah Exit 6, Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

We bought foods, say hi and hello to @powermom and my employer's sister, eat together and have a good night sleeping.

Thank you for riding with us on this travel. I hope you enjoy reading. I didn't explain everything about the places and even the picture we're blurry. I took these all using my Huawei Y19 mobile phone while the car was moving.

There will be a part 2 when we were going to the Philippines Consulate early in the morning that day.

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