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Native Paleo Foods in Eastern Saudi Arabia

Native Paleo Foods in Eastern Saudi Arabia

November 2019 · 4 min read · Jazan Region

Have a wonderful day everyone!

This the first time I met this word Paleo food, so I checked the meaning to be well informed and recognized it correctly.

Now I know that it is a caveman diet, or stone-age foods to have been believed available to humans a long time ago. And it is my big chance of introducing the food that I only knew how to cook it here in Saudi Arabia. I believe it belongs to the Paleo foods and I hope it will pass the criteria.

The first time cooking session I had been through was cooking "MAQASH". A new acquainted Indonesian friend taught me how to cook it by the order of our employer.

Maqash is made of lamb meat and vegetable cook in the oven by using a clay pot without oil.


These are ready to eat maqash*


Plain Maqash

° I kilo lamb meat

° Black pepper

° Turmeric

° Cumin

° Salt

° Cinnamon stick

° Bay leaves

° Onions

° Garlic

° Hot chili

** Maqash with Potatoes**

° 1/4 kilo okra

° 2 pcs potatoes

° Tomato paste

° All the spices above I mentioned.


The clay pot I used to cook Maqash.


Wash thoroughly the meat and everything.

Clean the clay pot.

Preheat the oven to medium temperature.

° Inside the clay pot, you have to put the onions, garlic, and part of the chopped tomatoes at the bottom side.

° Divide the meat between the two clay pots.

° Add the meat and all the spices.

° Add potato and okra.

° Add all the spices.

° Add salt to taste

° Add boiled water

° And put into the preheated oven.

° Leave it for 4 hours with 100°c temperature of the oven.

Fresh and clean lamb meat.


Chopped garlic and onions for the best taste.

The chopped okra.

The six different kinds of spices

Bay leaves, cinnamon stick, cumin powder, turmeric powder, cardamom, black pepper powder. This quantity is good for one clay pot.

The only difference between the two recipes is that the other one has no tomato, tomato paste, potatoes, and okra.

It must be covered inside. After 2 hours you have to check it if it ran out of water.

Exactly 4 hours, it will be ready to eat while still hot.

With potato and okra.

The delicious soup without fats.

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We can not cook chicken for this kind of recipe. It will be either meat of goat or lamb.

According to my employer, it is a kind of food that only found in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia specifically in my workplace Sabya Jizan province. They said, they could not find it in the city and only people from this province are cooking in the city if they migrate there.

When we were living in their small house before, we had a concreted oven direct to the ground floor. The man-made oven was made up of clay a long time ago. We were not using gas, instead, we were using firewoods. Fire woods are so expensive here so when we transferred to the mansion we cook it now by using a gas range or electric oven. If I use the electric oven, it will take the same duration of time.

Therefore, I consider this recipe as one of Paleo food because I never use any oil in cooking and a lot of spices I put into it. Those spices are also herbal that I always use. On the other side, I consider it as Paleo food as it is a recipe from a native people (caved-man) in this place. My workplace is in a little town of a province that turned into a well-developed city after 22 years of living here. We are in a lower part of the city and there are high mountains I heard where people are not yet civilized.

This is my entry for @ecotrain question of the week by making paleo goods. And at the same time my entry for the @travelfeed initiative about food around the world.

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Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading my post.


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