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December 2019 · 3 min read

It's market time documentation for our dear @dswigle's initiative!

Good morning, Denise and all my steemian friends!

Perhaps all of you are so busy with your holiday celebration but for me, it was just a normal day marketing and no celebration. We can celebrate but I preferred sending money to my family instead of spending it here.

Today I will bring you to one of our nearest mall located on the western side from home. We must turn right going straight until the roundabout center island then turned to left for 15 minutes drive to SARAWAT MALL.

This is the mall.

On our way, I took pictures while the car was moving.

On our way, the street was empty because of its day time. People were sleeping and they love moving around at night.

We also passed this colorful mosque.
People here are visiting this five times a day and Friday is the day Muslims prayed together in the big mosque for Friday prayer at noon.

Car was still moving I took this before we entered the car park area. This is the best of this mall, they have enough space for your car in front and in the back part.

My target was Othaim Markets It is a supermarket inside the mall. Othaim supermarket has a lot of branches nationwide. From the city to the remote provinces and town, we can find this supermarket.

No people moving inside, as I've said, people go out during night until dawn.

Oops! 60% discount! but I have no budget for that.

If you love makeup, you can find it here, Anyway, I never use makeup in my entire life, you know.

Perfumes are here too.

I don't know what is inside on this area. On the second floor is a wide area for children to play with pay.**

Branded perfume is here

My target is here!

The entrance

Vegetables were on sale.

Getting inside the grocery section.

Time to pay what I bought. The most important stuff I bought on that day was the olive oil. I use it in making my #naturalmedicine for my legs.

This is the exit area and done!

We love this Sarawat Mall because they are always giving discount twice a week specifically in Othaim supermarket. Their vegetables and fruits are fresh.

Thank you for being with me. I hope you enjoy reading my Friday market story.

See you again next time. Thank you, Denise @dswigle for the upvote and tokens last time.

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