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Market Friday Adventure Entry by @dswigle

Market Friday Adventure Entry by @dswigle

December 2019 · 6 min read

My #fridaymarket post today is my market last Friday. I wasn't able to post it on time due to my heavy workloads. So now I got a chance of sharing my happy travel just buying fish in the main city.

I am not buying fish in my workplace. I should go to the seaport fish market 40 minutes' drive away from home. And I should go at dawn, so let us travel with me now.

Why I should go at dawn?

I must go there earlier to have a fresh and wholesale price. I could have 50%discount bargainings with the wholesaler. Then I sold it the same price in the market of my workplace. Early bird catches worms. I did it when my boss sibling requested me buying fish for them and also my Filipino friends. I need to earn for my family back home, that is the main reason why I double my time while my condition is still available to do what is necessary. Lazy people are a loser and I am not one of those lazy ones.

Starting my travel.

Heading to the city at 4:30 am. The sun had never shine yet and the road was on lighting mood.

We were almost near the fish market. In this landmark, we have to take the left direction on the street.

The street light was so beautiful just like a Christmas light though there is no celebration here.

Malls were still close but it looked so attractive with its light. Taking this picture while the car was moving onward.

We stopped for the traffic light turned red and I took this picture.
I kept on taking a picture and this is all because of my steemit post.

Turning right direction heading to our destination. This is a big hotel on the left side of the fish market.

Here we are!

This building has a different stall for all groceries from different countries located on the right side of the fish market.

The sun was still hiding but people were already doing their job. A number of people from different parts of the world were here.

Here is the place where people are bargaining the price called in Filipino word as subasta or bidding in English. The owner of the fishes will give the lowest price then a certain person will add on the price with another bidders. The highest price of the bidder will own the fish. For example, the owner priced it to 300 Saudi Riyals, then a someone shouts it adding 20 to make it 320. After bidding 320 SR, someone will shout adding another 20 to make the price to 340. In this way, the bidder goes to 340 won the bidding. This is how wholesaler selling their truck of fishes on a wholesale basis. But I would like to inform you that fishes are all new and fresh.

I was enjoying taking pictures of this man carrying the whale.

See the boy looking at me! He felt happy when I took a picture while carrying the heavy fishes on his shoulder.

He was lonely when there was no customer coming to him. He was a fish cleaner and cutter. I pay him if I want my fish to be cleaned and cut before going home.

Later on, customers were coming and they became so busy cutting the fishes.

Look at them, my heart was broken, they were doing their job before the sunrise but they were sweating a lot already. On the other side, I felt so happy as they had good companionship helping each other moving the cart full of heavy loads.

After his labor, he got hungry and just ate setting down beside the market for breakfast with a single bread and cup of tea.

See a lot of fish different variety ready for bidding.

Small shark!

This is called Lapu-Lapu in Filipino.

It was sold by the kilo for 3 dollars per kilo, the crabs.

The squids were 3 dollars per kilo.

The prawn was 4 dollars per kilo.

White squids 2 dollars per kilo.

The sardines were 1 dollar per kilo.

For my sideline business

The mackerel I bought for 20 dollars highest bidding I got for the wholesale price but if we bought it for per kilo, It should be 3 dollars per kilo. 1 bucket contains 40 to 50 kilos.

So fresh redfish called may e-mail in Filipino. I didn't buy this because it was a little bit expensive.

DONE my fish market day!

The sun just gave us sunlight the moment we were done buying fish. From 4:30 to 6:30 in the morning, we were done!

Time to going home.

I saw this seagull on the top of the street lamp.

From this landmark, we have to turn the right side of the street circle then turned left heading to my workplace.

The early sunshine in the eastern part of the city while moving back home.

Here we were on the main road connecting all the cities from here until Jeddah City.

The road to forever without ending in the desert.

Entering the Sabya City, my place for 22 years of living my life.

In this street island ahead, there's a turned about circle for us to turned left side heading to my employer's home.

Thank God I arrive back home safe.

This is my #marketfriday adventure. I hope you enjoy reading post and please drop your comment below to earn cc token in your SE wallet given by @commentcoin.

Thank you @dswigle for your initiative. I am able to share my market experiences.

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