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Looking back/ Look forward #ccc 2.26 by @wakeupkitty

Looking back/ Look forward #ccc 2.26 by @wakeupkitty

December 2019 ยท 5 min read

I am thinking of what the best memories happened to my life that I should share with you today.

This picture was taken in Oman last January before touching down.

Remembering my travel from my workplace, I preferred a transit flight. It was against the will of my boss but I insisted passing Oman because I never had come there. I already saw Dubai Airport, Bahrain, Qatar, and Hongkong. It's my happiness reaching another place though it was just inside the airport. A direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Manila Philippines is not so excited. I want more adventure exploring another foreign land.

I left here at 8:30 pm, arrived at Jizan City domestic airport after 25 minutes. Checking in all my bags and a handy bag I got inside the aircraft. Arriving Jeddah King Fahad International Airport 1 hour after my departure from the province. I came so late and by mistake, I never know what I should have to transfer to a far distant terminal 5 from terminal 1. My flight for Oman from Jeddah was 2:30 am but 1:30 am I was still in the domestic airport of Jeddah. I would be supposed to be late and would lead for my flight cancellation if I could not find a way. I went to the help desk and talked to someone then what a good timing, there was a good Samaritan Saudi Arabian pilot. He offered me a ride transferring to terminal 5. If I would take a taxi, I was so sure I could not reach my flight schedule.
I was not sure if I would take his offer but I knew he was in uniform as a pilot so I had a confidant he would not do anything to me.Do you know what I did? I was on live messenger calling my friend telling what happened and we were on live until reaching that terminal. I found out that the guy helping me was really a good man. I gave him my payment but he never accepted the money. He only said, sister have a safe trip and happy meeting with your family. Oh, my God, I was so grateful. I want to hug him but it's forbidden doing that. I just show respect and said thank you " Assalamu wa Alaikum yah Ustad". He asked the laborer to assist me and secure a direct way to check-in counter. A certain Filipino working inside the airport helped me directly to the officer for the last check-in procedures.

When I checked in my bags, another problem occurred when I wasn't able to get my bag where the money I kept. I rashly ran and ran going back to the immigration officers. Thank God I found it.

I was the last passenger they called and waited for. I took a deep breath when I arrived before it's too late. I remember how tired I was and I remembered what my boss said that taking up with direct flight has no hassle at all.

Anyway, I enjoyed those experienced and made me more aware of the next time travel.

Onboarding, Oman Airways was a great experience. The nine hours flight from the middle east to the Philippines was awesome. They gave us enough food and drinks for free.

The aerial beauty of Oman before touching down by the aircraft from Jeddah Saidi Arabia.

This is Oman International Airport. We arrived safely and staying the very nice and well-organized airport for 6 hours and took on board again to another Oman Airways for Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport in Pasay Philippines.

It turned out a great journey for me I won't forget

Now I am looking forward to going to another place during vacation. I wish I could spend my life somewhere in the United Kingdom or the United State of America. It could be a dream but sometimes there is a time that dreams will become true. I want to meet some steemians friends like @wakeupkitty in Netherlands @gertu in Venezuela @mers in Spain. **What a big dream of travel soon?.

It will happen when steem will reach to the moon.

Thank you very much and this is an entry for @wakeupkitty initiative.

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