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Synevyr Lake, which was filled with tears of a beautiful girl ...

Synevyr Lake, which was filled with tears of a beautiful girl ...

January 2020 · 4 min read · Zakarpattia Oblast

I have been dreaming of visiting Synevyr Lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians for many years, and last summer my dream came true! How does it usually happen when you have heard a story from other people about a beautiful place, and you imagined him, according to these stories? According to the story, this lake has so cold water that it is impossible to swim. It is so deep that you cannot dive! Did the reality of your imagination match?

So we got a bus to the place where the rise starts to the lake. The place is very colorful and energy. Many elements of Transcarpathia, which are interesting and new for tourists. For example, a wooden cart and a fence with jugs. There is a hotel " In Marichka", there is telephone numbers to stay. There are also several restaurants, so you can taste Transcarpathian cuisine.

Along the road up there is a flowing mountain stream. Here sits a teenager who has a small business - he offers to buy dried herbs and mushrooms collected in the mountains.

We climb up to about two kilometers. Some people go up in the cars. But this is rare and does not disturb the feeling of wildlife :) You can to eat the berries that are present in the mountains. These are cranberries and blueberries. And sit on a tree bench by the stream.

A wonderful blossoming paradise! I breathe the air of the Carpathian Mountains into full breasts and the river sings its beautiful song. Do you know what a great therapy this is for the residents of the big city ?!

The higher we go, the higher are the spruces that whisper the love legend ...

Legend has it that in ancient times, these lands were owned by a wealthy nobleman, and there were endless thickets. He came here once, looking around the earth, and brought with him his daughter - Synj - a beautiful young girl. While her father was doing his chores, she heard that a nozzle was playing somewhere in the woods. And ran to the music, and met a handsome boy, a shepherd - Vyr. They fell in love with each other, but their father did not want and saying: that he would become his son-in-law only if he became rich. Then Vyr goes to make money - but he never earned that much to become rich. And Blue constantly went to that place in the forest where they met, and wept - and that is how this lake was formed!

Synevyr is officially the largest and deepest high altitude lake in Ukraine, located at an altitude of 989 m above sea level. It was formed 10 thousand years ago after the earthquake. The water area is 4-5 ha, the depth is 8-10 m. The lake is replenished with surface and atmospheric waters, from which a small stream flows (the Terebli River basin). The water in the lake is very clean, so three kinds of trout live here. You can not swim here, just swim on the raft - bokor.

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That's such an exciting story! We humans love beautiful legends! And about the fact that the lake is very cold and deep, I will say: it turned out wrong! We walked barefoot on the water and it was very shallow! And in the water there are really a lot of small trout running around our feet!

You can go around the lake and if you want you can ride a horse)

Here hundreds of people get great impressions of the legendary Lake Synevyr. At the end of the walk, you can have a chic lunch at Trembita's restaurant. By the way, here is a great internet)

This lake can be mystical, and it can look like paradise on earth ...

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