We arrived on the mountain of Budapest, where the famous Buddhist castle stands, on the Šiklo funicular, as I wrote in my previous post.

At first glance, I felt the imperial greatness of this beautiful place, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the Hungarian old city Buda is one of the most amazing castles in the world - the "Royal Palace" or otherwise Buda Castle. It was built on a high hill by order of the King of Hungary, Bela 4, who ruled in the 13th century to protect him from the Tatar-Mongol yoke. Over time, the castle was surrounded by buildings and a city appeared, called Buda.

I have heard a lot about this palace, so rich in stories and legends! I am always overwhelmed with emotions when I get to such royal places. It is as if I feel the spirit of past centuries, when people lived a different life than we are, more harsh and at the same time magnificent ... But they fell in love and rejoiced, suffered and missed and their feelings are reproduced in this palace and the sculptures that are around.

I'll tell you a little bit about what I heard from the guides who are organizing excursions in Budapest.

On the territory of the royal palace there are many different fountains, gates and statues. One of the tourists' attention is the turul bird, cast in bronze. This sculpture has its own history. It was created in 1905 by Gyula Donat for the millennium of the liberation by the Magyars of all the surrounding territories. Many statues of the Buda Castle attract not only with their beauty, but also with legends that add more unusualness to them. For many years of its existence, the palace has a huge history, plunging into which you can learn a lot of interesting things.

I walked long enough enjoying this imperial place that filled me with the energy of triumph and freedom. It was fresh and moist and I decided to supplement my satisfaction with a cup of hot famous Hungarian wine, which they sold me for two euros in a coffee cup :)

There was a group of guides walking there and I heard an interesting story about a horse rider statue:

At the entrance to the Royal Palace, near the largest arch, there is an equally interesting statue erected in honor of the commander Eugene of Savoy, who led the battle with the Ottoman army near Vienna. At the feet of the horse on which the general sits, small sculptures of people representing the Turks are cast.

Walking, I saw masterpieces of ancient statues in front of the castle, but I do not know their history.

One of them is a woman and the other is a man. Most likely it's a love story of the people who lived here ...

This place is really worth visiting! There have been so many centuries and cultures intertwined here, but the main thing is that after so many conquests and crashes, it has been preserved for future generations! Here are some more historical acts that I read on one tourist site:

The Buda Castle was gradually increasing significantly, the beginning was laid by King Sigismund 1 of Luxembourg and continued by Matthias, who replaced it, who built a new castle in the Renaissance style. Such changes made it possible to consider the fortress the largest in Europe, but with the death of the king the royal palace fell into decay and lost its power during the time of the Turkish invasion. Since then, the palace has been restored many times. Of course, the style has undergone significant changes. But this did not stop to recreate one of the most beautiful castles. In 1966, the Royal Palace was completely restored, and in 1980 all interiors were opened. But it is worth noting that restoration work is still ongoing.

I walked around the castle and saw the wonderful paintings displayed at the entrance to the royal palace. I didn't go inside. Today I wanted to capture all the details and luxury of the outdoors. To take lots of photos of the statues and listen to guides about the history of this place.

The National Gallery of Hungary is located on the territory of the Royal Palace, it contains unique works of many Hungarian artists. The complete collection of the gallery has more than one hundred thousand copies, the placement of which required three wings in the Royal Palace, located on different floors.

Later I walked and stopped at the ancient stone fence of the mountain, overlooking the beautiful Danube River and ancient city Buda on one bank and Rasht on the other bank of the river!

I will show you other unforgettable moments of my trip to Budapest. Thank you for your visit!