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An amazing traveling to thanchi bandarban chittgong Bangladesh

An amazing traveling to thanchi bandarban chittgong Bangladesh

December 2019 · 5 min read

In the morning I was sleeping and a friend from the side called and said, "Not good" Let's go Nafakhum, Amiakhum.
I told him how? No money, nothing to plan! And he is rude, he said, I do not understand that much In the adjoining room was Kaif's brother. I thought he didn't know all the details from him. He said crazy, nothing planned The fun of the tour on the instant plan is that it is not fun even after having planned for one month. He said, with five thousand rupees, and with a light backpack, he would come out tomorrow I'm managing the rest. The previous night I planned to go out with a road plan with only 5 friends He called and fixed the Thanchi tourist guide (Read Butter). He also thought the guide would be good! But later, I realized what that was. Let's go back to the original context.

We will leave 2 of them from Dhaka and 2 from Sylhet! There are no buses from Sylhet to Bandarban, so we cut the tickets for the Paharika Express train from Sylhet to Chittagong at 9 am, not talking to the Dhaka Fand before we will get on their bus from Chittagong Newbridge and go to Bandarban.


First day: 6.12.2019


We got out in the morning and went to the station. After leaving the station, we saw the train leaving Chittagong at 4am, leaving the train at Chittagong at 4pm. We left there at Newbridge Friend's house. Two more friends from Dhaka took us to Bandarban bus at 4pm. From Newbridge. The supervisor had a seat in the front. We arrive at Bandarban at around 7:30 am.



After leaving the bus stand, we left the Bandarban to Thanchi at 5am. After completing the bus ticket, we had breakfast and got around the bus and got on the bus. The bus fare is Tk 20, and at 1 pm, we arrive at Chimbuk Hill. Come, take a little walk around the side, start the journey again, from the chin to Thanchi, the view of the journey will fascinate you. It takes about 4 hours from Bandarban to Thanchi. You don't have to go in time to see the surrounding mountains. We reached Thanchi at 12 noon, went down to Thanchi and went to the boat pier. We went to fix the boat. The money was coming. Then we called the guide. He came and said he was fixing the boat. I said yes! His face looks like he is not satisfied with the way we fix the boat, we fixed him at 5 rupees by phone on the night of the night along with the local guide, and after arriving he claimed 3 more and we will not move any more. What I confirmed on the phone, I agreed to say so Then it started with our shoes will not be in this shoe, we have to take shoes from the market, we have to pick up from this shop. We did not agree to this, took a life jacket, rented 4 bucks a day, then took entry to the police station, 5 bucks entry fee, finished lunch at BG Bir Restaurant, next to the ghat, (5 rupees meat, rice, potato stuffing, dal). ) Departing from Thanchi at 2 pm I left for Remakri by boat and reached Remakri after 2.5 hours. When leaving the boat at 4:30 pm, I asked the mid-day to stay at Remacri at 7am. After 2 hours walk from Remakri, it is evening to reach Nafakhum. Staying naphthakam at night, staying at Tk 3, eating (chicken, pulse, potato stuffing, pulse 3 taka) (egg, pulse, potato filling, pulse 122)



We left at 6am and reached Thusipara at 7.30 am. With 20 minutes left, Nicholas again set foot on Deity Hill, Amiakhum, Satvikhum, Velakhum, and, in my interest in the hills, the Travelers of Bangladesh (ToB) was posted by many in the group, my feet after climbing the hills. Kappa begins, thinking of how the traveler went down this hill during the rainy season. It felt very fortunate to come in winter, it took 5 hours to get down, in some places 5 ° steep, the gods came down from the hill to reach Amiakhum, Satyavikhum, or towards Velakhum at 5:30 am, before I left Amiakhum, then Satyavkhum, Then it took 5 minutes to go up to the Thaisipara for the journey to Thausipara at 5am, and reached Thausipara around 5pm. Ash came thuisa neighborhood papaya, banana, egg eating dates are set out at four o'clock in the afternoon naphakhuma neighborhood. Arriving at Nafakhum Para, we were supposed to stay the night at Nafakhum Para, as we were leaving early at Nafakhumpara, we thought to take another route. No, he said it could not be too late, and we went to Nafakhum neighborhood to pay for the night's food bill. Makri, Nilgiri Guest House and stayed the night. I told the guide that as we would leave in the morning he arranged the boat.


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At 4am we left for Remacri to Thanchi, reached Thanchi at 5:30 pm, departing the bus at 5:30 pm from Thanchi, dropped us off at 3pm. From there, I left the bus stand at Chittagong, leaving Chittagong at 126 BTTC bus, and from Chittagong to Saudia bus at Sylhet on 8-12-1. The whole trip costs us 5 bucks per person. At the end of the trip, it seemed like only one thing, people were right, he who had not seen Thanchi had not seen Bangladesh. Finally I could see the true appearance of Bengal. This is my first post in the group. Look at the wrong error.


Vidra: Let nature be like that. Please do not ruin its beautiful surroundings by turning around in the garbage Don't go around without leaving your footprint.

Happy Traveling

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