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Wednesdaywalk in Iconsiam, Bangkok with @hangin

Wednesdaywalk in Iconsiam, Bangkok with @hangin

January 2020 · 4 min read · Bangkok


When I was in Bangkok, I was delighted to meet my friend @hangin there. He already posted about our meeting and now it is my turn to share my impression.

The mall was perfect spot and together with my son and his girlfriend we went there. First finding a place to park wasn't easy, somewhere along these posh cars.

I am not a driver, but I do love MINI Cooper and very pleased to see it inside the mall. This convertable is very attractive.

So is the red Countryman.

Inside the mall, we were just browsing and me taking few photos when @hangin arrived and we head to meet him outside.

It was great to see @hangin in person and we were just about to offer to have some lunch. Luckily he likes sushi, what we had in mind and since he has been in the mall several times he knew where we could go. The ground floor offers variety of different restaurants and places for quick snack. We were enjoying the lunch and the nice conversation and after that we went on the upper floors where we passed by this amazing watefall inside the building.

I wouldn't lie if I say that my jaw dropped at that sight. I have never seen anything like that. The light changed in different colours.

Red turned to pink and blue again.

Fantastic, isn't it?

Every detail of the interior was striking. Whether it is a vessel with gushing water....

An attempt for long exposure.

...a lavish decor ...

...or Christmas decoration (I was there at the end of November )

Everything looked very exquisite.

We passed through huge Apple store to go out on a terrace from where an awesome view of the city opened before us on the other side of the river bank.

The terrace itself was more likely a garden, where one can have pleasant rest.

On the glass wall of Apple store you can see the reflection of the buildings from the other side of the bank.

But above the glass windows continue to reflect the scenery.

The eccentric architecture of the mall makes the reflections even more weird.

@hangin knows almost everything about Bangkok and he told me a lot about it. Each building has its own story to tell. Some were used as a scene for shooting movies, like the State Tower for The Hangover, part2 from the picture below.

And its reflection next to Apple logo.

On the next shot you can see the sister building of the State Tower that remained unfinished and turned into a ghost tower. The one with a big poster on its facade.

Thanks @hangin for telling me all about them. You were like tourist guide and even my son's girlfriend who comes from Bangkok admitted you know more about her hometown than her.

We had fantastic time together taking lots of pictures. Almost forgot the lovely cafe where we had some treats and coffee. The banoffee pie was simply delicious.

It was about time to leave and hopefully to avoid the heavy traffic. We part with @hangin and left this wonderful place where I wish to return. Some day, perhaps. Definetely I will.

I wished we stayed longer as we missed the fountains and the light show when it got dark. They were just below the terrace, where we were. @hangin stayed and took fantastic shots.

What I know for sure, I had most wonderful and delightful afternoon in a lovely company.

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The post is my contribution to #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay.


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