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November 2019 · 4 min read · Southern Leyte

Our town have many beaches, some of them are popular and some of them are not. Popular or not, I can assure you that they're all beautiful. Although some of them were abandoned or not abandon but left it untouched. That's why there are beaches that got dirtier and unrepaired. Like this beach own by my friend, it's a waste to sell it because the view is perfect. The environment is eco friendly, many tree's and grasses around. Not only that, it's near in the national road. As you can see the bamboo fences wasn't replace.

Let me tour you first, maybe you'll be interested in going here because it's available for those who want to go to beach.

This is how it look's like inside the beach. Even the sand in the cottages was white and it's the same types of sand in the shore. As you can see also there's a grass that was called here in my country "bermuda grass." I'm not sure if it's bisaya or english because I think it's english. lol

So this is in the other side or the left part of the beach where I was taking photo. This beach wasn't doing maintenance for long that's why the kitchen has no roof. That establishment you can see is the comfort room and next to it is auditorium. It's good to have an auditorium so that when you'll doing some event or occasion you can do it here.

Sad to say this kind of cottage here right now. The nipa hut roof was damaged, the chairs were broken because they were made long ago. Yeah, that's it most of the cottage were like this. Well, this is for sale right so what to expect. But maybe you'll still interested to go here if you'll see what's the view outside.

This one cottage seems fine and look how the environment look's like.

Actually this cottage was separated by the cottages inside. Look how cool when you watch it from far. The tree of coconut sorounded it. There's no heat of the sun can through because of it. It's like a house inside the forest.

It's cool. right? How about I'll bring you outside in this beach. I'll show you how the shore look's like. Just ignore the seaweeds that wasn't remove because no one's taking care if this beach anymore.

At the other side as I continued on walking the shore.

How about if we are near in the beach and will do some sightseeing before going to swim.

The sea is so clean, right? Even the under of it is very clear. But the best part for me is this one.

You can see this at the right side of the beach. There's some rocks ahead of it. This will be perfect for selfie factor. lol
Anyway that's it now let's go for some information to arrive here.

If you're in town of Macrohon, approximately of 5km you can reach this beach. It's visible in the road because it's near in the road. If you want to go there, you can ride a motorcab or multicab. Just tell them in Canlusay because this brgy's(small village) Canlusay, Macrohon, Southern Leyte, Philippines. There's no entrance fee here only the cottage to be paid but no electricy.
COTTAGE: PHP150 or $3
FOR SALE: PHP 1.2 million or $2,400.

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If I have the money I'll buy this beach, the papers are complete and it's registered in municipal hall. I love the environment that's why it make's me want it if I have the money. lol

thank you for reading

images are mine
huawei p8


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