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November 2019 · 4 min read · Southern Leyte

In our town you can find many tourists spots. In the beach or in the mountain most of them are being developed for the benifits of everyone. One of them is this beach near in our town. It's approximately 4km from town to reach this place. This is beach is located at Barangay Aguinaldo, Macrohon, Southern Leyte, Philippines. But the name of this beach is "TUNANG BEACH."

This called "Tunang" because of the old woman here. She is the owner of this beach also and because she was know, they called this beach from her.

In the place where not too many houses can be found. Trees and grasses can be found here also. There's a small beach that if you won't ask it's hard for it to believe that it's really a beach. The number of cottage is 4 only but it does have white shore or white beach. It can make the sea near to the shore dry if the sea is very low. When it's high tide of course it has cleaned sea water.

When you'll go near to the beach this howbit look's like. The white sand that spread into the coconut tree's that is near into this area. It's nice to sit here when you don't like the heat of the sun. You can also in this part where tree's cover's you under it.

We will have a side look from the beach along the sea. Unfortunately when I visited this beach it was dried because of low tide. But as you can see, the sand is perfect if you just want to feel the shore under your feet or play anything in the shore.

Isn't it perfect? the coconut tree that one standing at that one look's falling? Well, this could be perfect to stay here while drinking and sightseeing of the sea. What I love of this beach also is it's environment. Many tree's can be found everywhere.
Now, let's have a walk in the shore for you to see it.

You can expect dead seaweeds in the shore because thaf time when I took this. There's a typhoon and the sea was angry, it was created waves during the high tide. But the sea won't reach the one cottage that was near in the sea. Let's keep on walking..

Now this is the view above the sea and near to a cottage. Actually to rent a cottage here is very cheap. You will know it later below. The cottages were made of bamboo tree and the leaves of coconut tree or we called it "sulirap"(bisayan word) Sulirap is the name pf it's roof, by cutting into half of a one coconut leaves. Sulirap will be made by folding it's leaves.

It's not that classy cottage but it's fine as long as you can experience the lovely view of the beach. The shore, the sea and the environment of it. Actually this beach is always occupied during weekend. You know not too many beaches and when people need's some privacy and activities. This is the best choice, they can rent the 4 cottages and let the beach rent by their families. Most of the people who will go into this place were having a birthday party, family occasion. If that family only wanted to join the occasion by the members of the family, this is the best place.

The last but not the least is this rock not far from the beacg.

When you arrived at the town of Macrohon. You can go in this place by riding a motorcycle or "potpot" because it's not far from the town. Just say AGUINALDO BEACH instead of TUNANG BEACH.
There's no entrance fee of this beach, the cottage is worth of PHP 500 or $10. There's no payment if you'll do overnight here because this beach has no electricity supply.
I am well informed about this beach because the owner of this beach is my
Nothing to be aware of this place, people are nice here and there's no sign of bad thing's happened here.
You can ask me below if you want to know more.

Thank you for reading
image are mine
huawei p8

d' dreamboy,

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