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Sta. Cruz

Sta. Cruz

November 2019 · 3 min read · Southern Leyte


Maybe you're all wondering why this is not a beach or tourist spot related. We all know that it's nice to visit nice tourist spot. We want to see something different, something beautiful for us to enjoy. Why do we travel if we don't want that kind of scenery. But not at all times we will arrive right away in our desired location. Sometimes we're being stuck especially when we don't have a guide. That's why I'm posting for today is a brgy.(small village) in the town or Macrohon. Actually it's the capital of the town.

Sta. Cruz Macrohon, this Brgy. has low percentage of serious crimes. We all know that wherever country you'll be in there will always crime. Let's being realistic, however we can be in a safe place with low percentage of crime rate. Maybe because it's a small province and people care for each other. Although you can't find it all you wanted but at least you can find few of the. Ever since when I have a little knowledge about life I don't remember a crime that was murdered. They said there was once but that people was not resident in our Brgy. But if the people in our town I haven't remember any.


We have a small basketball court and we don't have a gymnasium because of financial. But even if we only have an open court you can see many people playing here everyday. We're betting small amount of money only but our main purpose is to enjoy.

Waiting shed where you'll wait vehicle. Too bad we only have motorcycle, multicab, small bus and potpot(bicycle transportation.) By the way there's no problem of traffic here in our

This is "palawan pawnshop" where you'll send, received money. They also accept jewelleries if you want to sell it or for less. This is the only pawnshop in town and it's service is fast.

If you want to use a computer you can visit this internet cafe. It's the only internet cafe here in our Brgy.

If you want to eat bread only, you can visit this bakeshop along the road. It's open early in the morning.

I know our place doesn't have wonderful building, wonderful place. But it's nice to visit here because the people is nice. We all know that view's of sorounding's important in travelling but do not forget that the people also count on it. There are few houses are ready to rent for those people who need's shelter for a lower price. That's why it's not that bad to visit our place or to stay here while waiting for your destination to be scheduled.

The town our place is Macrohon from the province of Southern Leyte. Our brgy. Sta. Cruz got from the name of Cross and it's belong in the town of Macrohon and this is the capital. Our place is quite but many activities are in going in our brgy. council. In all the brgy.'s of our town, our brgy. always won for cleanliness and healthy marine environment.
.Hope you enjoy, thank you for reading..

all images are mine
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d' dreamboy,

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