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Park of matalom leyte

Park of matalom leyte

December 2019 · 4 min read · Leyte

Christmas is the time where all the people very proud how beautiful their decorations about Christmas. If you're one of those people who really love to see colourful lights, and beautiful designs from different art. It's good to visit in different town of thw Philippines. They have a financial budget for beautification in this holiday.

Let's go to Matalom Leyte Philippines first. This is a boring town before but because of canigao island they became popular from tourist. Because of this tourist spon of this town also, they encourage many people to come in their place. When many tourists will come and experience the island. The town will be earning money for it. After the island became popular this town ia noe becoming a jolly town. Many people comes here including me.

About their park of this Christmas decorations, I have no idea about it. I just passed it yesterday when I was travelling. I thought it's nice to share and let people come to visit this town.

This town is a proud filipino town. Beside the street but inside the park. There's a star made from the colours and design of our national flag in the Philippines. This is a huge start and I think it's 7 ft tall. The colours of it also is very clear from it's colours. Day and night, the colours and design of national flag is very visible.

Now let's go inside the park...

Actually this one has no catchy design like any other here. I chose this as one of the image is to share us because of the blue colour of the star. If you'll see it in person you'll be amazed when it changes it's colours. It's lights are on and off, I waited it to on to capture it. But the design of the light beside on it is normal also.

However, the one in the middle is a catchy one. If you'll not that focus on the lights but only the design. You will be amazed for sure, just use the lights as the guide of how it was made. The line of lights going down is I think very awesome. For me it's like a meteorite, a clear meteorite.
Now, if you love to see lights with design. This next image will be perfect for you.

Actually when I first saw it I thought it was formed a bicycle. I took photo of it because I thought it was nice. When I looked at the image I caught I was surprised because I think it's a bicycle with candle on it. If not the bicycle carrying a candle, then let's go to the 3 candles design. Do you agree about that. Well, we have different understanding of art after all.

If it's Christmas of course, Christmas tree should not be forgotten. Just like this next image but with extra art.

From what I understood about this one. I really thought it's a Christmas tree. When I looked at it again, I noticed there's a snowman of it. The Christmas tree was just a guide to make the other designs will be formed. Together with the lights that were formed of circle.

I captured the view from the back of the previous one. I just saw a light thatbwas formed with a car. Although it's just simple because it has no different colours and it was formed with only one light and one light. Still, I think it's awesome to see designs like this one, car.

The last but not the least is the place where Jesus was born. His mother and the 3 king's in the Belen. I have no idea what it was called but I think it's cage of sheep.

There's not much light of it but what I love of this is the art of individual. The making of statue of human's and animals are good to see. It's kind of dark but it's fine because the art of this became prettier.

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By the way it's located in their park, the park will always be on capital of the town. It's visible because along the road, national road. It's free to visit and free to capture photos. If you really love Christmas I think you should visit this park.

Thank you for reading

images are mine
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d' dreamboy,

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