There are places that we didn't know that it does exist because it's far from the city or haven't been some promotion. How nice it would be if we can experience cold spring and also the hot spring. Cold spring maybe can be found everywhere but the hot spring is not always you can find. This spring called "mainit" spring from the bisayan dialect or in english means hot.😉

Day's ago my girlfriend is currently working in the island of Biliran. Her work is on the field which means she'll go outside to meet people and discuss some things. I accompanied her because she's going to mee a client. Thankfully we had her co-worker to join us to lead the way. When we arrived at the place of her client we were surprised of what we saw. Of course we haven't seen a hot spring before in person and we haven't tried it also. Because of excitement my girlfriend immediately went in the spring and let her feet feel the spring.

For some reason I think the hot spring is not improved as of now. According to the owner we spoke, she said that this place used to be good for travelers. They have cottage, there's a bathtub made and electricity. But when the typhoon was hit the "mainit spring" the owner couldn't provide the financial to repair it. As you can see into this photo, the back of my girlfriend is a cottage but not being repaired.

Anyways the spring is passable because the road in going here from the main road has been concreted. There's a volcano far from this place that's why there's a hot spring here. Long ago, that volcano was the source of the electricity here but not all household have electricity. The number of houses that can have electricity was limited that time. Then when the agency that supplies electricity arrived. They stop getting electricity from the hot spring that was made by the volcano.

So, let's discuss on how to go in this hot spring.
I have the screenshot of my google map which place you will start. If you'll start in Tacloban City because that's the popular place where you can start.
see here

However you can also start at Ormoc City which a little bit near but far from the airport. See the screenshot..

Well, you will know where to go because of internet also. I just give you some ideas as your starting point in going there. Just don't forget the important details of it. The town of this small village where you can find the hot spring is Caibiran. When you arrives at the at the town go to the brgy. or small village named Villa Vicenta. From the main road to reach the spring, it's approximately 7kms. Don't worry as what I've said the road is passable because it's concreted.

If you arrived at the spring here's a little bit information.

Entrance: PHP10 or $0.04 cents
Cottage: PHP100 or $2.

By the way there's no electricy there but you can find stores near from this place. There's a rumour that the municipality of Caibiran or the town government will take care of this hot spring and planning to develop it. For sure it will be nice in the future.

If you want to watch the the river and it's spring you can see it here from our video. I uploaded it in my youtube channel. Just to show the environment of this place.

images and videos were mine
taken by the phone of my girlfriend

d' dreamboy,