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Green aura of trees, shade and more at Pondicherry’s Botanical Garden

Green aura of trees, shade and more at Pondicherry’s Botanical Garden

January 2020 · 4 min read · Puducherry

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Pondicherry's Botanical Garden is not merely Gardeny, it has nice Greenery

Pondicherry’s Botanical Garden is really green and more than just gardeny, they are filled with lovely trees that are really tall,healthy and natural trees.

Definitely, not merely a common everyday Indian recreational park which generally is never really as rich as this!!

This Park definitely is a few levels up, and after visiting it, I felt the entry fees taken for this is quite minimal something like 20 - 30 bucks, is so worth it!!

A really hot, sunny day won’t matter here, the whole park is cool with pretty decent green coverage above.

Environmental Education and Awareness in the park’s museums

The park has some really sweet curios around but apart from that it really sends the message of healthy ecology. There are museums here that showcase these models giving one much needed ecological awareness.

However, I can understand this can be primitive and blunt and unimaginative, but there are also messages given in creative and imaginative ways, which must be appreciated.

For ex, map of India made using electronic waste, pretty cool huh??

There were plenty of details and models on trees, seeds and things like that, so it’s really a great place to bring your kids, to inspire the younger generation to be eco conscious.

Sneak Peek into details to identify trees

I think I also read that this Park deals in preserving seeds of tree species so they can be grown elsewhere, enabling afforestation efforts. I think that is really nice. Nowadays, even we adults are interested in these things, many like knowing about leaves, how to identify the variety of tree by checking out the shape of the leaf and scanning other finer details of a tree’s leaf. This knowledge would make everyone useful volunteers who can map trees in an area, it’s sweet stuff. This is a great way to bond with one’s environment as well!! The museums had a section on leaves of trees, giving valuable details on leaves.

Charming Curio’s inside Pondicherry’s Botanical Park

Pondy’s Botanical Park was a neat one to walk around too - calm, neat with well laid walking tracks surrounded with cool trees.

It is designed with thought by the looks of these curios around, from an old fashioned car, to this stone bench that reminded one of Flintstones cartoon, a tree house and many such simple effects that made the surroundings so charming.

Generally, Indian popular parks just have a fountain around, but Pondy’s Botanical Park had much more.

Green House of saplings

A Green House of saplings, that we can grow in our gardens, terraces and Balconies, really loved how sweetly sunlight rays percolate and embrace these saplings from the netted openings, think it looks beautiful and the green sheeted roof is a great filter for the falling dry leaves and twigs from the outside’s green surroundings.

There is something very serene and tranquil in this look, it’s airy, sunny, shady and green.

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Joy Rides possible around the park - Colourful Toy Train Station!!!

This mild forestry park, has a toy train station as well, can imagine kids getting thrilled to take a ride around the park, maybe even adults would love a joy ride around this lovely green Botanical Garden.

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There is an aquarium too before one of the exit gates of the park.

The aquarium was not much worth a look though, loud music was playing and did not like the environment inside.

Overall, Pondy’s Botanical Gardens is definitely a nice spot to be when in around Pondy. Previous day, the park was closed due to rains,so maybe at rainy times the park is closed.

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