Some years back, I made a trip to Japan and had the privilege to visit the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. The aquarium, one of the largest in the world, was located in the Tempozan Harbor Village of Osaka's bay area and has over 15 large tanks or sections such as the Japan Forest, the Antarctica and the Equador Rain Forest, each showcasing its marine inhabitants and creatures living around it. The centerpiece of the aquarium was the Pacific Ocean section which housed whale sharks, the largest fish species in the world.

I was staying in Kyoto at that time, and after an hour and a half of train ride, I arrived at the bay area which was beautiful with sparkly sea water, reflected by the morning sun above:

As it was a week day, the harbor area wasn't that busy:

Nearby the aquarium was the Tempozan Ferris Wheel:

Although tempting, I was there to visit the aquarium and the ferris wheel will have to wait :D.

This was one of the main attractions in the aquarium, the whale shark:

Just outside the aquarium, there was a wire sculpture of some sort of a whale shark, inviting visitors to see for themselves the size of this majestic fish:

Once inside, I was immersed in a different world altogether..

At the Japan Forest tank, there were cute otters, here was one, relaxing (maybe sleeping) and floating on water:

There was the Pirarucu / Arapaima gigas at the Ecuador Rain Forest:

At the Antarctica tank, there was a group of Emperor penguins, chilling in the cold (just like in the movie, Happy Feet :):

An aquarium is never complete without cute, intelligent dolphins and here at the Tasman Sea, was the Pacific white-sided dolphin swimming towards me:

Then, I arrived at the main attraction, the Pacific Ocean tank and I was totally mesmerized:

Look at the size of this fish compared to the size of human:

I loved it when the whale shark swam above me:

And a Manta Ray was swimming in the same tank too:

At the Japan Deep section, there were the Japanese Spider crabs:

And beautiful Anemone, swaying with the current:

And striking jellyfish, as though they were in space:

The Pacific sea nettle:

The journey inside the aquarium took most part of the day and the whole place was simply breathtaking. I still have amazing memories of the aquarium and the whale shark was totally awesome, the way it glides in the water, so calm and peaceful.

One day, I will go there again. Oh and this time, I will ride on the ferris wheel :)

All photos were taken using my Canon Digital IXUS 970 IS and edited using Canva.

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