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Memories of Mount Utuwankanda in Sri Lanka with its natural location and historical value.

Memories of Mount Utuwankanda in Sri Lanka with its natural location and historical value.

January 2020 · 3 min read · Sabaragamuwa Province

Hello everyone, Today I'm going to sharing with my past hike experience where I climbed Utuwankanda in Sri Lanka. Hiking is not easy activity. We have to take full responsibility of our team. Also it's difficult and risk journey. Hiking person need to physical power and mental power always. We'll wait to natural changes like rain and lightening etc...

You can see corner of this visual Utuwankanda mountain. On the Colombo-Kandy road, we met Utuwankanda junction 1.5 km before Mawanella. From there, the road on the right can reach Utuwankanda and buses can travel along this route.

Access Road There is a village camp on the starting point and you have to get permission from there. The arrival of some has led to the need to obtain permission to visit the natural environment. Along the footpaths, we started hiking.

Start level of the hiking wasn't difficult like other journeys. We crossed some Mana plants and rubber trees. We went on a rainy day and didn't face any rain. Avoid climbing the mountain during rainy season. It is a very dangerous journey.

The road to Utuwankanda is not difficult to climb, as it is clearly visible. But the wasps could attack us. The other important thing is that the road to the top of the hill is very dangerous. Your little mistake is going to endanger you very soon.

Everywhere seems trees and mountain ranges since Utuwankanda. Another mountain near Mawanella is Utuwankankanda. It's about 430 meters above sea level. An hour's journey is easy. Upstairs, this is such a beautiful place.

>*Someone who has never heard of Utuwankanda is not as good as Sri Lanka. Utuwankanda is famous for its history. Saradiel, who lived in Utuwankanda as his fortress, was a hero of the people who lived in Sri Lanka during the British colonial period. What Saradiel did was to extort money from the rich people who lived there. Therefore, Saradiel is referred to as "Robinhood of Sri Lanka". But later he was arrested and sentenced to death. As soon as his death sentence was executed, the governor sent a messenger to cancel it, but when the messenger arrived, Saradiel was killed.*

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Several places on the Colombo Kandy road to the top of Utuwankanda can be clearly seen. By the time we got there, the sun was shining and the sights were clearly visible.

Down of the hell I could see several coconut trees and paddy fields.In addition to the surrounding peaks, mainly the Alagalla mountain and other peaks. I couldn't go corner of the stone. It was risky.

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The most dangerous are top of the Utuwankanda. There is a space of about 3 square meters. There's a big cliff in the corner. Climbing to the top is difficult.

There is a tunnel and it is considered a secret passage. After a short distance we reached a cave surrounded by rock. The tunnel was still in the tunnel, but the snakes could not move. You can see in the first picture how people who have been misbehaving have tried to destroy the stone wall. That's very bad happening. Hiking is not only fun activity. We need to have attitude for protect cultural and historical value everywhere. Thanks for watching.

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