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Memorable moments at Ridiyagama Safari Park, Hambantota in Sri Lanka.

Memorable moments at Ridiyagama Safari Park, Hambantota in Sri Lanka.

November 2019 · 3 min read · Sri Lanka

Located on the Padalangala-Sooriyawewa Road in Hambantota District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, it is an outdoor zoo with six zones. The six zones consist of four carnivore zones and two herbivore zones. This is really a strange experience. Meanwhile, carnivorous lions, tigers and leopards are in the carnivore zone.

We made our way to the Ridiyagama Safari Park on our way to the Kataragama Sacred Area. Instead of locking up a small room in a zoo, and letting the animals free up in acres, the experience of being trapped was very different.

The Ridiyagama Safari Park, a valuable project of the Department of National Zoological Gardens, was laid in December 2008. The safari park, spread over five hundred acres, has three main areas - the Lion Zone, the World Zoo and the Asian Elephant Zone. The first phase of the project will consist of the 35-acre African Lion Zone, the 54-acre African and Sri Lankan Elephant Zone and the 80-acre World Zone.

In the herbivore zone, a beautiful sight was spotted by a herd of spotted deer. I could see their nervousness. However, I photographed them before they ran out.

Several species of deer can be seen in this region. The specialty of this safari park is that the animals can roam freely in the open and the public can watch them. A protective wall and electric fence have been erected around the garden.

While he was eating, he never forgot to show his face directly to my camera. Accordingly, 22 species of animals can now be seen at the Ridiyagama Safari Park. These include African lions, zebra, giraffe, Sri Lankan spotted deer, Indian blue bull, ostrich, and an African herd.

The zebras are one of the most memorable animals in the world. This is because they have different black and white stripes on their body. Zebra is an African mammal. They resemble donkeys in their form. It is also a strong herd of fast-paced animals.

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This is the first time we have seen such a species. It was a herbivore, and the driver was able to see that the deer was a species.

The ostrich, sometimes called the camel bird, is the largest bird in the world. An African animal, the ostrich is found spreading from pastures to deserts. This bird can be found in zoos around the world. The ostrich cannot fly. But there is a possibility of running too fast. The distance between two steps is 3-5 meters. The ostrich lays a large egg.

Hippo is a herbivore. He is very innocent on land. But there is no animal to beat in the water. They live in swarms and treat any animal as an enemy until they die in the water. He is ranked fourth among the 25 deadliest animals in the world. This was the first live sighting of a hippo on land.

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The term "lion in Africa" ​​as a whole represents the lion population in Africa as a whole. Some of the males, the second largest living species of tiger alone, can weigh up to 250 kilograms. The Lion was the largest land mammal in the world, apart from humans.

Private vehicles are not allowed into the park and a separate licensed transport service operates. 2500 for foreign tourists. The safari park has been able to provide a different experience for Sri Lankan vets. In 2017, the zoo's history also recorded a record income. After the opening of the safari park, indirect employment opportunities will be created for the people of the area.

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