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Kumana National Park with a rich biodiversity in Sri Lanka...

Kumana National Park with a rich biodiversity in Sri Lanka...

January 2020 · 5 min read · Eastern Province

Hello everyone, Welcome back. I had saved great memory where I went safari with my travel friends about Kumana national park in my state. Kumana very popular location for the various kind of birds. But there are animal species and reptile species. Kumana national park located in eastern province in Sri Lanka.

We took a bus from Matara to Monaragala. From Monaragala to Siyambalanduwa and then to Lahugala via Potuvil. Then after reached to Panama. We went in a safari jeep from Panama.

Our safari jeep driver gave big support for captured brilliant moments with stop jeep where we looked beautiful bird or animals. I don't know more bird species names better. Above big birds always find hunt and seemed reached to home.

Then after we could see the beak is a big bird. He was alone this moment. This bird nicely faced to our camera. Which national park is famous for its variety of migratory birds? It is situated about 391 km southwest of Colombo on the southeast coast. It is adjacent to Yala National Park.

Now you can see beautiful lake inside Kumana national park. There was lot of white lotus flowers and some of the trees on the lake. Please bring us nearest to the lake I said to the driver. He allowed my request. beautiful visual created in front of us by the nature. Both lotus flowers and big birds nicely combined there. Actually I really believe more people like to watch hinder places like this. But they haven't free time for watch natural places and enjoy themselves.

This bird name called Pilihuduwa by the local people. Their beak much stronger and perfect bird for hunting fish. They have strong eye. If pilihuduwa want to hunt, focus much about their hunt. Pilihuduwa living everywhere in Sri Lanka.

>*The Kumana Bird Sanctuary, declared in 1938, is located within the Kumana National Park. What can be described as a major habitat and breeding area in Sri Lanka. About 255 species of birds have been recorded from this national park. In April and July annually, tens of thousands of birds migrate to the marshes.*

Middle of the tree was on display name board as Gal Amuna Camp. It's wooden name board.

There were some of monkey species. They always find foods from the visitors who're coming to Kumana national park. After see safari jeeps by them, very quickly come close to the jeeps. Very friendly animal.

Wow..another awesome bird I looked with big beak. This bird didn't turn to in front of us. So I couldn't captured excellent shot for show how this bird's front look.

So cute and lovely. Green color very deserve for him.

Territory Parks can be described as providing public protection to wildlife, providing the public with the opportunity to view and study wildlife flora and natural ecosystems. All lands in the park are owned by the government and a permit issued by the Department of Wildlife Conservation should be obtained to enter the park.

The deer very easily can find every forests. They are very innocent animal from other animals. They eat only leaves of the plants or trees. Deer is a scary animal because I couldn't caught very close captures any moments where I went wild safaris.

I was lucky for took photo shot of the eagle. Eagle's eye so powerful like as telescope. Look at his face. Eagle's has dangerous face always. They eat only meats. So eagle's find hunts for their feed.

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We found a herd of buffalo in the swamp. Their horns very powerful. But they used it only for attacks where they face from carnivore animal. But some of states held some of contests using buffalo like Spain.

Our jeep came another beautiful lake area. Middle of the lake stayed various kind of birds. As my experience, they were found fish for their meal. But my eyes goes whole of the lake where crocodile's lived.

Our driver brought us where crocodile stayed on the lake. We were very close to the crocodile. But we didn't weird because we were inside of the jeep. He was silence that moment.

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Actually we talked only about birds and wildlifers of every national parks. But trees increase the beauty and add more value to every forests. Because without trees can't live any kind of wildlife. Trees provides shade and lives to wildlifers and humans.

It's another big resource to the animal. What's it? It's water resources. Every lakes and water resources inside of every forest giving water for their drinking. Also it's helpful for every wildlifers indirectly. I heard before Kumana living big elephants. But we could't see them here. Exactly Kumana rain forest safari gave big inspiration to us. If you'll have idea to come Sri Lanka someday, I recommend to visit Kumana. In fact Kumana safari will be great experience to your life. Thanks for reading.

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