Hello everyone, Welcome back to my travel blog. Today I'm ready to share my beautiful travel experience with you. I already wrote Dumbara area is so beautiful naturalize location. There are so many people spend simple lifestyle. Lot of paddy fields, waterfalls, forests and mountains increasing Dumbara's beauty. I went over 10 times Dumbara village. This time I share and write something about Wannimana where I traveled Dumbara. Wannimana is most wonderful creation of the nature.

I already wrote road guidance how to reach Dumbara area. Wannimana is one of the awesome destination who want to seek superb visualization. We walked through the forest and could see amazing and strongest trees like this. The tree's roots so powerful. People can climb using those roots.

Still our walk we could see one specific of snake baby on the land. Fortunately we found him before bite us.

We reached middle of the forest and could see green nature everywhere. Whole area surrounded by trees and plants. We believe there was some of attacking animals. So we had to take full responsibility of our lives. Actually taking risk will give big advantages.

I never see like this tree. Exactly it was amazing creation because it had different middle.

Slowly we reached top of the hill. But we spent over one hour for reach destination. I discovered some of stones had many places. Also more Mana plants grow like bunches.

Now we saw fog condition in front of us. I felt cold feelings now with cool winds and refresh fogs. I thought to stay there. As my opinion, I think Wannimana perfect place for night camping. Night time so coolest than day.

We climbed among stone stairs. But I want to say that, Wannimana is not difficult hike than some of others like Kirigalpoththa and Danigala I previously posted. But every hike is challenge and risk for everyone.

With fogs I couldn't see sky view of other mountain in front of my eyes. You you can see nature's beauty from this image. Sri Lanka has more beautiful locations like Wannimana. Every state has various beauty and we have own creations. We enjoyed via our hike and finally sing songs there for celebrate our achievement. Thanks for visiting. See you again.