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Great memories of the Mahakudugala mountain climb in Sri Lanka.

Great memories of the Mahakudugala mountain climb in Sri Lanka.

January 2020 · 3 min read · Central Province

Hello everyone, welcome back to my today's travel blog. This time I'm going to share historical and highest mountain hike where we visited Mahakudugala mountain. Mahakudugala is a name that anyone has heard by now. A place that hides a great mystery that has caused much debate.

Lot of hikes started from tea estates where I climbed various mountain ranges in Sri Lanka. Beginner level of these mountain gave big refreshment through tea plants and some big trees. Whole area surrounded by tea (green) plants. Absolutely stunning patterns.

Halgranoya District Wildlife Office is situated near this mountain, which is a little distance from Nuwara Eliya. Mahakudugala, the highest point in the Walapane, occupies the 10th highest position in Sri Lanka. The mountain, which is about 2100 meters in height, has already created a tourist trail.

We could see water flows came from the top of the hill during our hike adventure. I had idea to reach this location for washed my face and touched cool water.

Wow..there was cabbage plantation. Very deserve climate had for cabbage growing. There was more harvest.

My eyes goes around those area. Then I found salad leaves plantation very close to the cabbage plantation. In this land's soil perfect for some corps.

The mountain top is in a cool climate. The nearest major city is Ragala. Anyone who wants to visit this place should obtain permission from the Halgranoya Forest Office.

>*Legend has it that Ravana's unconscious body was buried in the rock and the lamp was given to the demon who lived on this mountain by a lamp in the Kothalagala mountain in Mathurata area.*

Now you can see very clearly how mountain range placed. This scenery inspired our friends lot. So we stayed minutes for caught awesome captures. I found some of corps cultivated among this mountain. Also those corps growth faster.

We walked through tea estates to the top. We could find beautiful waterfall in front of eyes. Our walk were faster than previous time for look those waterfall.

We came very nearest to the waterfall where water flows came from top of the Mahakudugala. So beautiful scene to us. Also glorious noises came that time. I really love to water flows sounds. It's brilliant for meditation process.

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We leaved from tea estates. Now we entered to the forest area in Mahakudugala. We walked among those plants. The sun dropped brightness light to our walk.

Then after we walked among those massive trees. Also we found bunches of leeches in this area. Because very deserve cold climate had on the soil. It's better for leeches lives. We all wear sport shoes and boots. So leeches couldn't attack to us.

I looked down of the village since here. Farmer's houses, tea estates and some of other trees nicely seemed. Exactly nature is so beautiful and beneficiary.

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We came to the to after spend 2.5 hour walk. Now we were so tired. But after looked surrounded area we were so happy and sing a song for celebrate our next achievement.

Now we were on the sky. It was over 2k meters. So amazing journey to us. Also it was so difficulty. But our guide gave big support to finish our milestone. Recently I bought Sri Lankan travel guide book for find best guidance. It's really important for reach destination without doubt. We bring garbage bags for every travel journeys. So we didn't put our garbage to environment directly. I hope anyone understand my message. Thanks for visiting.

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