Hello everyone, welcome back to my travel blog. I remembered where we traveled Lunugala we climbed the mountain. After climbing Mount Lunugala, we looked for a good place to take a shower. Most people go for a walk somewhere with a shower. It's also not easy to find a safe place to go to a place where no one knows. Now this is about another place that is important to those who visited Lunugala or Madolsima. It's a safe bathing area in the Besama Falls. It's called besam pit.

Besam Falls is located on the Bibila Badulla main road. From Lunugala town, we took a bus for about 5 kilometers to Passara. If you come from Badulla, it is about 17 km from Passara. You have to go a short distance from the main road. The road is good. Any vehicle can get close to the falls.

You have to look at your own safety here. Water makes it easy to slip. The villagers also say that it is not advisable to visit here during the rainy season. At that time, the water is too high and there is a danger.

Besam falls is very attractive one. But it isn't highest waterfall. It's a safe place for anyone to bathe. First, the water is a bit dirty. Going up a bit, you'll find a place to bathe. There's not much depth here. Anyone can take a safe bath here.

Some poem wrote middle of the side stone. It's highlighted from yellow color. Those poem wrote from Sinhala language. I could read it and meaning is please protect this location.

This will be very important for those traveling to Madolsima and Lunugala. It's better to go there and find out more than you find. Just like visiting these places, you have to protect yourself. It is our duty and responsibility. So we didn't leave anything that we took with us. Thanks you for visiting. Have a great day.