Hello everyone, Yesterday evening was my off time of working. I very quickly took a call to my two friends. I decided to visit Kottawa rain forest evening time. So they came to my work place. Then after we went there with our bikes. We ride bike 45 minutes since Nugaduwa Color light location. If someone go to the Yakkalamulla or Udugama, he/she know how coolness given from Kottawa forest.

That was very quick journey. So I took captures from my mobile camera. Time was 4.45 pm. This is a road where we go to the top of the forest. But I seriously know time wasn't enough for covered whole area of Kottawa. So we decided to walk only few distance.

Climate was good for only few minutes. The sky was ready to fall rain. There are biggest trees surrounded whole area. It was nice for our walking.

The Kottawa Reserve is a beautiful wildlife forest after walking about 15 km along the Galle-Udugama road in the Southern District of Galle. It is located in the Yakkalamulla Divisional Secretariat area and covers 435 hectares.

There are some specific plants and trees. The forest is a pleasant place to be. But the most popular place to visit is the Kottawa Forest.

Kottawa Forest is one of those places where people who want to enjoy the beauty of a rain forest can easily go there. This is in Galle. It's not that hard to find. After going 15km along Galle - Udugama road, there is a forest of Kottawa.

And even though the forest is surrounded by many villages, the natural beauty is still preserved. But there was a lot of garbage in some areas to begin with. It's a great opportunity to get out of the bustling urban environment and take a walk in the beautiful, quiet terrain.

After went 1 km ahead I could see tea plantation area. It mean some of villages living through tea cultivation. Sri Lanka very popular country for tea cultivation.

Down of the land tea and coconut cultivation. Also I could see one house owner who take care about those crops. Workers were off those time from tea garden. So I missed opportunity to talk with them.

It's wild plant. I saw those leaves had attractive looks. So I quickly made macro photo shot. Sinhala persons pronounce it "Bovitia."

This forest is a tropical wet evergreen forest. It is said that Kanneliya was connected to the jungle and Sinharaja forest. But recently every forests divided from each others. Kanneliya and Sinharaja forests has long distance since Kottawa forest.

We continuously went ahead and could see another tea cultivation area. My eyes goes around and quickly saw another villager's house.

Kottawa forest, endemic flora, fish species, herbs and many species of birds can be seen, which has a very wide biodiversity. Numerous endemic species such as uguduhal, dodamkan, walukeena, and ruk are found in the forest.

That's a most highest pine tree I have found. We went through some of the pine trees. I believe in this place leeches living. I was right. My one of friend attacked from group of leeches.

You can see the bark of the pines is very firmly grow. So it has longest history.

It's nut of the pine fallen from above tree.

It's a branch of the coconut species. But those plants destroyed sources of the water. So those palm tree cultivation not good in to the forest.

Spread over an area of ​​10 hectares, the forest has named 72 known species of timber. This is really important for those who are learning about forests and plants.

I thought we met some of the toxic snake species. But fortunately didn't see them. Finally we saw one of scorpion on our way. Time was 6.15 p.m. We hadn't any safe equipment. So we decided to return back to main road. Thanks for visiting.