Baguio City is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its cool weather temperature almost all year round. The hottest temperature in summer is usually 25°C. Towards the yearend, the temperature starts to drop until first quarter of the following year.

During my regular trip to the city last night, I arrived chilling at the bus terminal when it was already pass seven in the morning. I checked my phone and it said 15°C Fog. It should not be too cold but the airconditioned bus from a night trip got me chilled all the more. I decided to warm up before moving on to my next trip so I went up to the food court of the bus terminal. There were only two food stores open. I picked Cafe 24.

I orderd for caramel macchiato and it was quickly served. I took the cup to a table and these smiles greeted me. I smiled back. It was amusing to see dining chairs with such design. I do not remember the last time I had noodles from Ramyeon 24 (that back-to-back noodle store with Cafe 24) and I don't think they had these chairs back then.


There was only one diner for the cafe that time. He took the front table so I took the next one. We were both faving the cafe front wherein rays from the rising sun are streaking over.


I noticed the front of the menu is now clear so I blew up a shot. That is because when I attempted a shot when I was making an order, I noticed the trash bin below was full with contents sticking out. See that thing right below the cup figure on the lower left corner, that was the trash bin that was full. I laughed and made a comment that the trashes are ruining the view of the menu. I did not notice but apparently, the crew was very quick to act on my comment. She emptied the box immediately when I turned to the table. Now it looks like a counter display. Cool!


Of all tables in the food court, only the ones for Cafe 24 has the woven center table. This woven product along with the carved smiling chairs as shown on the second photo above depicts the culture in the Cordillera region which Baguio City is a part of. Weaving and wood carving are two of the most common crafts of the Cordillerans.

The artificial flowers on the tables also stand out as they are much bigger than the ones on the tables of the other stall to my right.


The other diner left and I had the place all to myself. How I wish I can stretch down under the beautiful sunrise. The warmth that the coffee brought made me all the more lazy with the cool weather.

I apparently enjoyed the serenity of the morning when I realized it took me almost an hour enjoying my coffee.


With the very limited competition in the food court, this store will well attract travellers specially that it also offers Korean noodles care of Ramyeon 24 which is, like coffee, perfectly right for the cold weather.

Cafe 24
Upper Ground Floor
Victory Liner Bus Terminal
Utility Road corner Marcoville St.
Engineer's Hill
2600 Baguio City

Restaurant Information

Cafe 24


Utility Rd, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Warming up in the summer capital
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