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Quality sweets at the Complex

Quality sweets at the Complex

December 2019 ยท 6 min read ยท Singapore

After my Skywalk challenge, I decided to take a different route on my way back to the hotel in Singapore. I was not sure of the streets that I got into but I was ready for the adventure.

At the end of a short street which I later learned to be Keong Saik Road, this entrance of the Chinatown complex came into view when I got into a curve.

The smell of durian was already strong even when I was still far away. I got curious of what it has to offer aside from durian so I got in. I felt that the durian smell got all over me.

By the entrance is the 101 Fruits stand where I thought I saw only durians. By the time I got near, there were many customers trying to take their picks and I tried to squeeze to the front to have a good view. Indeed there were only durians.

To the right of the fruit stand is a candy stand with different sweets made from different fruits.

I turned right and wanted to get further into the complex. However, I was greeted by displays of watches and mobile phone accessories which I was not interested of. There could be more and different products inside but it was getting late at around seven in the evening.Though it was still bright in Singapore at seven in the evening, getting lost in a market complex is not something that I want to take.

I turned around and that was when I realized there seem to be a way to get further inside through the fruit stand.

A new set of customers were then in front of the fruit stand. With how busy the store crew was in weighing durians, I can say that the customers wee indeed buying even if I don't understand what they were saying. It was like a frenzy that customers squeeze into each other to get their pick.

I wonder what is so enticing with durian. I tried it in our country in Davao City but did not have the guts to keep going because I immediately felt the hot temperature it brings to the body. I started sweating.

I passed by the busy fruit stand and turned right to a glass shelf display of durians. This time the fruits were peeled and in plastic containers ready for eating.

To the left of the display shelf is a dining area with trash bins right beside each table. A few were there eating durian. That explains the pungent smell even from the outside of the complex.

Across the glass shelf is a candy stand which actually made me amused like a kid. There were so many candies in cute containers that I am sure will attract children to try when they see those.

When one of the store crew noticed me (I guess I was smiling at what was in front of me), she motioned to the price tag. One Singaporean dollar for 100 grams of candies. It was the more that I got excited. One is to a hundred. The big gap of the ratio created a convincing invitation in my head that it was low cost. Psychology of selling got me.

I checked the other displayed candies and noticed that there were packed into a bigger bag and there were those that were just poured into the table display. The price tag was the same though.

Above the candy display is this tarpaulin talking about Taiwan. So these are not products of Singapore? It made me curious to look up for ma shu and guo dong.

Ma Shu: Chinese translation of Japanese mochi which means sticky rice ball

Guo Dong: gelatin dessert

The store clerk kept motioning to me. She was convincing me to buy as she was actually holding the weighing pan to my front. I started to grab handfull of candies and put them on the weighing pan waiting in front of me. I tried to grab as different flavors as I can: tea, taro, peanut, mango and more...

With many options on display, I felt like grabbing them, throwing them on the air while catching each. Yes, that was how kiddie I was.

I was thinking of buying 500 grams in all. When I tried to ask by motioning how heavy those that I already put on the pan, she motioned that I put more. That's cool. As if she knows how many I wanted to buy. I stopped and motion her to put the pan on the scale. The reading hit 700 grams so I grabbed a handful to reduce the weight. She stopped me and said, "seven dollars all."

"No, just five." I said. She shook her head.

I am not sure if it is Chinese belief that it is bad if customer returns what they already took or if they just want to have more sales. I just know that they do not like their merchandises being returned. I am still the customer though. I insisted and shook my head too.

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"No. Just five." I spoke firmer this time. I was ready to walk away if she insists. I guess she took the hint and nodded. "There, you should listen to your customer," I thought and started removing candies from the pan.

It was starting to get dark when I got out of the complex. I turned right from facing the street where I came from and came to a crossing with the New Bridge Road. I walked for few minutes to my right and saw this sign. Ah, this is where my dinner will be.

I went to my hotel room to leave the candies and got back along Smith Street where I enjoyed a fine street dinner. That was one cool and happy tummy way to end the day after the Skywalk challenge and sweet shopping of candies.

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