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An evening walk around Marina Bay

An evening walk around Marina Bay

December 2019 ยท 4 min read ยท Singapore

After dinner during our first business day in Singapore, I thought of having a walk before ending the day. From Amoy Food Centre, I ended up in Marina Bay.

The bay was calm with not so many onlookers around. It was weeknight after all. Except for foreigners maybe, people are not expected to be wandering when many may still be rushing at work or on the way home.

I was trying to recall how the bay looked like nine years ago when I first visited Singapore with my friends. I can not remember much. When I had a business trip to Malaysia last 2015 where we had our Asia Pacific summit, my counterpart from Singapore asked if I had been to Singapore. When I said I did in 2010, he suggested that I should visit again because there are many changes since then. That was five years interval. Now it is nine and I can't put any specific change that I remember. Aging, huh?

My boss once asked if the casino was already there during our first visit. He was referring to Marina Bay Sands. It's funny that I was not sure but I think so, yeah. It's just that it was not yet open to the public. The question got me curious and made a research. Wikipedia says Marina Bay Sands opened in April 2010. We visited in March of the same year. Yay!

After taking few shots along the side of Marina Boulevard, I moved on towards the bay front along Bayfront Ave. and attempted to have a good spot as the fountain show started. I stopped at an area where there was no spectator and made few shots. However, the angle was not so good as it was almost to the side of the fountain show.

I decided to move closer to the front. The forefront was full so I stayed somewhere a little to the side of the show. It was somehow better than our first spot.

I was trying to take still photos but was not able to keep up with the pace of the fountain so I switched to video mode. I captured these photos from the video few days ago.

I was trying and hoping to get a good shot of the figure in the middle but I can not. It was the Merlion. Better luck next time, dear self.

Majority of us spectators were busy with our cameras while a few were busy chatting. I did not care but was kind of frustrated when I realized later that the chatting was captured on the video. That is another "better luck next time, dear self."

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On my way back, I suddenly stopped walking and took this shot. I glanced at the preview and I thought it was okay. I guess it just looked good at first sight because of the lights effect but I realized it was not really nice when I was back in my hotel room. It is blurry. I did not stop steady enough when I took it. Lesson learned.

I felt the good walking exercise when I was back in my room. That made me wonder how long the walk was so I asked Google. I just presume the same route that I took.

More than two kilometers of around 26 minutes walk and another set of those on the way back. It was a good walk which made me appreciate the bed all the more. I wonder if I can do that everyday. That is yet to be seen. For now, the bed is calling.

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