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A carefree Christmas walk

A carefree Christmas walk

December 2019 · 5 min read · Potenza

In two days it is Christmas and the towns, cities, shops and houses are filled with lights and colors.

In this post I will take you for a walk in the historic center of Potenza, my city. Potenza is a small town of about sixty thousand inhabitants located in the green Basilicata region of southern Italy.

In these days throughout the city but especially along the streets of the center there is a festive air.

Piazza "Duca della Verdura" and the village of Santa Claus.

Our walk starts from here: Piazza Duca della Verdura. Piazza "Duca della Verdura" is a small but pretty square nestled between the buildings.

My daughter entered the tree and I followed her to take some photos.

Next to the tree of lights there is a wooden house.

Inside, the furniture is child-friendly: tables and seats.

Here the children can sit and calmly write the letter to send to Santa Claus.

Here is my daughter and nephew as they write the letter.

There are also those who, at the tender age of 46, my sister-in-law, wrote her letter :)

Once the letter has been written, the children can insert it in a special mailbox.

And now?

Now is the time to meet the star of the village: Santa Claus.

A nice and kind Santa Claus.

He greets and entertains the children while the parents armed with smartphones take photos.

After meeting Santa Claus we have fun playing target shooting.

I could easily write that I hit the target but we are at Christmas and sincerity is a must.

My shot is the one indicated by the arrow :)

Near the house of Santa Claus there is another house where three elf girls welcome the children among many colored bricks.

A Lego workshop to entertain children and stimulate their creativity.

Piazza Mario Pagano and the end of year concert.

We leave the village of Santa Claus, we leave Piazza Duca della Verdura and we are in Via Pretoria, the main street in the historic center of Potenza.

We walk towards Piazza Mario Pagano and shortly before arriving at the square we meet a large and sparkling Santa Claus riding a reindeer.

And here we are in Piazza Mario Pagano, the main square of the historic center.

The construction of this square was started in 1838 and completed in 1844.

In June 2012 it had a complete restyling. It is the main meeting place of the whole city of Potenza and it is also the place where the main cultural and musical events take place.

These days, as you can see from the photo below, the square is closed to the public because work is underway to set up the stage of the year-end concert. The square will host the TV show "The year that will come" which will be broadcast on Rai1 on December 31st.

Teatro Stabile

A small jewel of architecture overlooks the square: the Teatro Stabile.

It is a small theater inaugurated in 1881 and dedicated to the musician Francesco Stabile born in Potenza.

The decorations are the original ones and it has excellent acoustics which also allows not to use microphones.

Piazza Matteotti

After having a coffee at Gran Caffè Italia we head towards Piazza Matteotti.

About fifty meters from Piazza Matteotti we stop for a few minutes to watch the animated film "Il Grinch" shown in a mini-cinema set up in an atrium of an ancient city building.

And here we are in Piazza Matteotti, a very old square.

The Town Hall and the Town Council building overlook the square.

There are Christmas markets and in the center of the square there is a tree of lights that can be crossed on foot.

The square is the theater of various events and performances such as the particular musical show staged by the artists you see in the following photo.

Not far from Piazza Matteotti is the cathedral of Potenza.

The cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of the city: San Gerardo.

A structure not very large, but very beautiful, full of frescoes.

It has very ancient origins, in fact it was built on the remains of an early Christian church.

The lights of Via Pretoria

All via Pretoria is full of lights. Each alley is illuminated.

Two beautiful bright trees are located at the beginning and end of Via Pretoria.

A carefree Christmas walk

It was a beautiful and carefree walk between lights and colors.

When you walk surrounded by such a colorful and shiny atmosphere no matter where you are, you are always having a nice trip.

A trip in your memories, when you were a child and you couldn't wait for Christmas to come.

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When you looked with amazement at a large tree of lights or a gentleman dressed as Santa Claus.

When you thought reindeer could fly.

When reality often left room for imagination.

When, in short, you believed that everything was possible.

In the streets of the center of Potenza I held my six year old daughter and my eleven year old grandson by the hand.

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A careless eye could simply see a forty-year-old dad, his daughter and a boy.

In reality, in via Pretoria, we were simply three children walking with a light and happy step and wrapped in the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

I wish you to spend a peaceful and joyful Christmas.

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